• META CLIP S3 rack system with disassembled frames, provides particularly high stability and load capacity, shelf load 441 lbs per level
  • Quick boltless assembly without tools
  • 6 mesh dividers per inclined shelf are included in the delivery: these can be used to set tracks in steps of 2" / 50 mm depending on the size of the stored goods, and adjust the track width at any time (no lateral end stops)
  • Shelf height adjustable in 1" / 25 mm steps
  • Single-row shelving:
    Starter bay
    : Nominal length + 2.2" / 56 mm · Nominal depth + 1.4" / 36 mm
    Add-on bay:
    Nominal length + 0.2" / 6 mm · Nominal depth + 1.4" / 36 mm
    Double-row shelving:

    Starter bay:
    Nominal length + 2.2" / 56 mm 2x nominal depth + 3" / 75 mm
    Add-on bay:
    Nominal length + 0.2" /  6 mm 2x nominal depth + 3" / 75 mm
  • Shelf load: 441 lbs· Bay load: 3.086 lbs or 3.968 lbs
  • Incl. top shelf for dust protection and additional storage space
  • Easier access to stored goods
  • Optimal monitoring of stock levels: You can see immediately where fresh supplies are needed
  • Stored goods such as cartons slide down automatically to the retrieval side; angle of inclination 14°
  • Alternatively, also with 3 shelf dividers (6" / 150 mm high) per shelf instead of mesh dividers, and with only 5 shelves

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Michael Cook
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Racks schould be secured to prevent tilting (please refer to Page 22 for wall/floor anchoring).

Shelf/bay loads apply with evenly distributed loads.
Bay loads data apply to rows of racks in 3 or more bays.

META CLIP S3 Gravity Fed Rack

  • FIFO principle (First In / First Out): The goodsstored first are also the first to be taken out.
  • This is especially important for goods with a best-before date
  • All of the top level can be used, as there are no lateral struts
  • Goods slide praktically automatically down the 18° inclined surface to the take-out side

Gravity Fed Rack

  • No transition edges on the shelves in the downward direction
  • The small front stop bar allows crates and cartons to be taken out easily
  • Shelf heights are adjustable in 25mm steps
  • Lateral guides available on request

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