Elektro Schröder, Gütersloh

Central Warehouse

Tailor-made storage solution

META equips new central warehouse of Elektro Schröder via sales partner Sonepar

In cooperation with its sales partner Sonepar, META was able to implement a tailor-made storage solution for the new central and buffer warehouse of Elektro Schröder in Gütersloh.


META Schroeder 1
The new two-storey META CLIP shelving system in the central warehouse in Gütersloh.

Project Details

Object: Central warehouse Elektro Schröder GmbH
Used META products: 2-storey META CLIP shelving system
Counter based on META CLIP
Pallet racks META MULTIPAL + cable drum rack

The Task

The wide range of stored goods resulted in a wide variety of requirements for the new storage facility, in which Elektro Schröder relied on the expertise of the Arnsberg-based storage specialist META-Regalbau via its sales partner Sonepar. The aim was a tailor-made and flexible storage of the most varied article groups.

The detailed planning of the new warehouse was carried out in close cooperation between Winfried Mühlenkord, Managing Director of Elektro Schröder, KWL Project Manager Matthias Fabian of Sonepar, META Project Engineer Dirk Weichert and META Area Manager Andreas Terraschke.


Due to the different stock goods, the Arnsberg-based storage technology expert META used different system solutions for the respective areas. For (small) parts storage in the order picking area, the META CLIP boltless shelving system with a total of almost 1,200 shelves was installed, ensuring clear and flexible storage of a wide variety of products at all times. The open arrangement of the aisles and the corresponding positioning of the fast-moving items ensure short walking distances and thus more efficient order picking.

Special cleat racks were installed on the side. These special shelving racks based on the META CLIP system are ideal for horizontal storage of long goods. At Elektro Schröder, articles such as sensitive LED tubes and plastic cable ducts find their perfect place there.

The two-storey design of the shelf floor system and the installed pallet sluice also allows larger goods such as control cabinets for construction sites and other pallet goods to be stored in the open space on the second level. The room resources were used intelligently, as the second level is also directly connected to the administration wing with a transition.

The service counter in front, based on the META CLIP shelving system, forms a spatial conclusion and an optimum opportunity for the delivery of the required articles.

In the rear part of the new central warehouse, the META MULTIPAL system is also used for storing heavy items and various pallet goods. For upright storage and quick access to plastic pipes and metal cable trays, one side of the shelf is equipped with special separation arms.

A special version of the META MULTIPAL system was installed to store the heavy cable drums as an important element of the overall storage solution. On the levels of this cable drum rack, the drums hang on special cable drum axes in the rack, so that a precisely fitting order picking of the different cable types is possible. Up to 25 cable drums can be stored at Elektro Schröder ready for order picking at the same time. Further cable drums then find their place in the adjacent pallet rack. In close coordination between Elektro Schröder, the electrical wholesaler Sonepar and META-Regalbau, a tailor-made storage solution was created in Gütersloh.



META Schroeder 2
META field service Andreas Terraschke and Winfried Mühlenkord, managing directors of Elektro Schröder, in the new central warehouse (from left to right).

Customer Statement

"We became aware of META through our electrical wholesaler Sonepar", explains managing director Winfried Mühlenkord.

"The entire handling and the contact to the field and office staff was very good and so we were able to develop a suitable and flexible storage concept together".


For vertical storage and quick access to plastic pipes and metal cable trays, a shelf side is provided accordingly.