Lievertz - Zander, Kleve

Regional warehouse and pick-up market

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Flexible storage solutions for all articles

META equips new regional warehouse and pick-up market from specialist wholesaler LIEVERTZ

Lievertz Aussenaufnahme

LIEVERTZ, a branch of the Essen-based J.W. Zander GmbH & Co. KG, has moved into its new regional warehouse in Kleve with an associated pick-up market. Approx. 12,000 take-away and storage items for sanitary, heating, electrical and industrial companies are now in stock at the new location of the specialist wholesaler for building technology on Siemensstraße. From this broad spectrum of the stored goods the most different requirements resulted to the new storage equipment, with which LIEVERTZ relied on the competence of the Arnsberg storage specialist META-Regalbau. The aim was an appealing and clear presentation and flexible storage of the most varied article groups.

LIEVERTZ stocks the articles of daily use from the areas of heating, sanitary, air conditioning, lighting, installation requirements, household appliances and alternative energies in the new 2,500 square metre warehouse. In addition to the storage area, the approx. 1,000 square metre office space, which is directly adjacent to the warehouse on the 10,000 square metre site on Siemensstrasse, is also available. In total, the company employs around 45 people at its new location in Kleve.
The move within the city became necessary because the capacities at the old location on Thaerstraße were limited. "Logistically, this is a big step forward," says division manager and authorized signatory Thomas Schmidt, assessing the new location of the company. With the proximity to the A3 and better accessibility, the various goods can be delivered more quickly. The new specialty store and warehouse facilities contribute enormously to a better flow of goods. "The reactions to the new warehouse concept are very positive. The simpler ways and the more pleasant work are repeatedly addressed by our customers and employees", explains Thomas Schmidt.


In addition to the SE warehouse, a two-storey META CLIP shelf floor system has already been installed.

Project Details

Object: Lievertz, Kleve
Bearing size: 2.500 m²
Used META products: META MULTIPAL pallet rack
META MULTIPAL cable drum rack
META MULTIPAL profile storage rack
META CLIP shelving rack and shelving floor system
META CLIP Stollen shelf unit
META MULTISTRONG M Cantilever racking system
META SPEED-RACK packing table

A coherent warehouse concept with a view to the future

The sanitary/heating specialty store division was set up as a so-called self-tapping market (SE market). Here, customers can independently remove the required articles and read them in using a hand-held scanner. A delivery note is automatically printed from this data at the newly designed sales counter, so that rapid shopping without waiting times is guaranteed. In the background, the merchandise management system checks the stocks and, if necessary, pushes the corresponding replenishment process.

In the larger electrical sector, the articles are traditionally handed over by the LIEVERTZ employees via the new service counter. In addition to the pick-up shop, the specialist wholesaler for building services also offers a delivery service for the entire area around the Lower Rhine with the new regional warehouse in Kleve. With its extensive portfolio, LIEVERTZ is one of the leading wholesalers in this sector.

META has many years of experience in setting up specialist stores and the associated storage areas: For almost three decades the company has been equipping the markets of the 'ZANDER Group' with product-related storage technology.

In principle, the precise planning and positioning of all product groups according to the rotation speed (ABC analysis) has been carried out. The targeted detailed planning was carried out in close cooperation between Thomas Schmidt of LIEVERTZ together with Sven Gaertig and Franz-Josef Wulf of META.

Only five weeks have passed from the planning stage to the completion of the entire warehouse equipment - the pallet racks were assembled after just four weeks.


Planning with a view to the future: The META CLIP shelving system in the SE warehouse can be increased in the future and thus easily expanded.

Different shelving systems in use

Due to the different stock goods, the Arnsberg-based storage technology expert META used different system solutions for the respective areas. The META CLIP boltless shelving system with a total of over 2,570 shelves was installed for (small) parts storage in the order picking and specialty store areas, ensuring clear and flexible storage of a wide variety of products at all times. The open arrangement of the aisles and the corresponding positioning of the fast-moving items ensure short walking distances and thus more efficient order picking.

In Kleve, a warehouse has been built which is already geared to the future growth in articles and turnover. The planning has already been prepared to such an extent that the META CLIP shelving in the area of heating/sanitary (SE warehouse) can be increased and thus the storage area can be quickly doubled in the future. In the electrical sector, a two-storey META CLIP shelving floor system has already been installed on an area of 180 square metres and thus the space resources have been used intelligently due to the floor construction. Both shelving systems are spatially separated by lockable doors. According to Thomas Schmidt, the market is constantly changing, so that the existing reserve areas have been planned with a view to the future.

In the rear area of the SE warehouse, special tunnel racks were installed for the storage of long goods. These special shelving racks based on the META CLIP system are ideal for the horizontal storage of pipe insulation. But also other long goods such as plastic pipes find their perfect place there.

The spacious new counter area in the sales area is also based on the META CLIP shelving system and is part of META's practice-oriented specialist store facilities.

In the SE market, the META MULTIPAL system is also used to store heavy and sensitive items such as bathtubs, shower trays and shower cubicles, washbasins or toilets with an appropriate chipboard support. The META MULTIPAL pallet racking system was also used as an after-supply or seasonal buffer store and for the storage of other diverse goods, creating approx. 1,500 pallet spaces in the wider storage area.

A special version of the META MULTIPAL system is also used for storing the heavy cable drums. On the lower levels, the drums, which weigh up to 900 kg, hang on special cable drum axes in the racking, so that a precisely fitting order picking of the different cable types is possible. The upper levels of this rack serve as buffer storage for further cable drums on pallets, where drums can also be suspended at any time. Up to 48 cable drums can thus be stored at the same time professionally and ready for order picking.

Finally, the META MULTIPAL profile storage rack storage solutions for upright storage of individual long goods, the META MULTISTRONG M cantilever racks for horizontal storage of heavy long goods and the META SPEED-RACK packing table in the picking zone contribute to optimum storage and efficient processing of picking orders.


Up to 48 cable drums can be stored in the special storage system based on the META MULTIPAL at the same time, professionally and ready for order picking.
Division manager and authorized signatory Thomas Schmidt from LIEVERTZ together with the META field service Franz-Josef Wulff in front of the new regional warehouse and pick-up market in Kleve.

Customer Statement

"In addition to the price/performance ratio, it was important to us that we received the right product range from META. The complete package simply fitted. An outstanding point is also the flexibility and fast conception and implementation", Thomas Schmidt explains the selection of the warehouse supplier. "In addition, we have been working together with META in a trusting partnership for years".