META equips new regional warehouse and the pick-up market of specialist wholesaler LIEVERTZ

Customer: Lievertz-Zander, Kleve Regional warehouse and pick-up market Sector: Sanitary, heating and air conditioning Stored goods: Items for sanitary, heating, electrical and industrial companies Systems: META MULTIPAL pallet rack META MULTIPAL cable drum rack META MULTIPAL profile storage rack META CLIP shelving rack and shelving floor system META CLIP Stollen shelf unit META MULTISTRONG M Cantilever racking system META SPEED-RACK Packing table

Customer statement: „In addition to the price/performance ratio, it was important to us that we received the right product range from META. The complete package simply fitted. An outstanding point is also the flexibility and fast conception and implementation. In addition, we have been working together with META in a trusting partnership for years.“ Authorized signatory Thomas Schmidt explains the selection of the warehouse supplier