"The most modern e-fulfillment center in this part of Europe."

Customer: ANANAS E-COMMERCE d.o.o. Belgrade (Serbia) Sector: E-Commerce Stored goods: Consumer goods from A to Z Systems: four-storey META MULTIFLOOR shelving system, META steel construction solution, META-ILS automated system with roller and belt conveyors, vertical conveyors, identification systems, goods receiving, sorting and packing areas with work tables

Customer statement: „It was our great pleasure to have such a professional partner on such a demanding project. For the first time, we worked on equipping Ananas e-fulfillment center - that‘s why expertise, dedication, and adequate support were crucial to us. The result of this collaboration is yet another revolutionary change that Ananas will implement in ecom-« merce market of the region – the most modern e–fulfillment center in this part of the Europe.” Mladen Jezdić, Head of Supply Chain, ANANAS E-Commerce