United States

World’s leading provider of on-road load-handling equipment HIAB, the world’s leading provider of on-road load-handling equipment, intelligent services, and digitally connected solutions relies on META Storage Solutions to realize its US showcase distribution center.

Project details: Industry: Load Handling Objective: Establish new parts distribution center to service its clients in the United States Midwest region. META products installed: META CLIP Boltless shelving, META MULTIPAL Pallet racks, META A-Frame racks, Shelf supported platform & Safety Equipment This 45,000 square feet facility is very efficiently designed, allowing maximum space usage and at the same time featuring a variety storage options for diverse requirements. A shelving-supported platform with a total area of 6000 square feet and integrated staircases, pivot safety gates, railing, and kick plates allows plenty of easily accessible bulk storage space at an elevated level. The META Clip Shelving system carrying the platform features over 3000 shelves in various dimensions, which provide plenty of storage space and bin locations required for medium and small parts inventory. Alongside this shelving supported platform META A-Frame racks feature dividing arms for storage of long narrow parts.

The remainder of the warehouse is equipped with META Multipal pallet rack and the META Multistrong heavy-duty cantilever rack. The Multipal pallet rack system has up to 10 levels at a total frame height of 28 feet and can carry up to 6,614 lbs per level offering over 1200 pallet positions throughout the distribution center. It further features heavy duty back stops, waterfall wire decking, end of aisle protection and upright protectors at every frame For long and heavy-duty parts the Multistrong cantilever rack has been designed with a total height of 23 feet, 9 levels and an arm length of over 3 feet. Every arm can carry a weight load of over 560 lbs.