Vierol AG


Extensive warehouse equipment with a new development for VIEROL AG's new logistics center

Customer: VIEROL AG, Rastede Logistics centre Sector: Automotive Stored goods: Wear & tear and spare parts for motor vehicles Systems: META MULTIPAL pallet racks META MULTIPAL storage system META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks META MULTIFLOOR racking system Steel construction solution

Customer statement: „Our partners captured the many and varied requirements for our extensive project in detail and implemented them professionally with a « wealth of creativity and ideas.“ Michael Krone, member of the Management Board for IT and Logistics at VIEROL AG

After just one year of construction, VIEROL AG was able to put its new logistics center into operation. In this extensive project in Rastede, the two companies Förster & Krause and META-Regalbau were successful as a bidding consortium in the area of racking and conveyor technology.