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Quality assured

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5 Year META Quality Guarantee

In addition to the legally prescribed 2-year warranty, we give an additional 5-year quality guarantee on shelving racks.



    RAL quality assured

    In addition, META products are quality assured according to the strict RAL guidelines. This means constant control and monitoring by an independent institute. We are happy to face up to this external monitoring.

    The RAL (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.) has the task of ensuring the high quality of products and services. Only the RAL as the umbrella of 139 quality associations is allowed to award quality marks in Germany.

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    We trust in our quality because ...

    • We regularly have products and manufacturing processes inspected by our own personnel and by independent authorities.
    • Statics and production are ensured by the GS mark and the RAL-RG 614 quality mark.
    • we are constantly renewing our production facilities and producing with the most modern production techniques.

    Qualität Made by META

    Standards don't just mean constraints, but also obligations and safety measures applied within a framework of knowhow. The META testing team is made up of qualified engineers and technicians. Quality specifications are developed, quality measures are defined and the interaction between individual components is tested in the in-house testing laboratory. The knowledge acquired in this way then forms the basis for subsequent, fully-matured product innovations.


    GS Testing & Inspection

    Our products, of course, also carry the GS symbol, and are regularly checked and inspected by the neutral MPA (materials testing office) in Dortmund.

    DIN ISO 50001- energy management system

    META applies a certified energy management system as defined in DIN ISO 50001 and is thus actively protecting the environment.

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    DIBT approval

    For systems with an upper edge of load higher than 7.5 metres, most federal states classify pallet racking as special structures. Therefore, in most cases, operators who want to erect such systems must submit a building application. There is a risk that racking systems cannot be put into operation over a longer period of time due to delays in inspection. This risk does not exist at META-Regalbau!

    META-Regalbau was the first manufacturer to receive this approval from DIBt for its META MULTIPAL S pallet racking system. It permits the use of the pallet rack in the sense of the state building regulations and offers the building owners the possibility of use without approval in individual cases.