META – the Storage System specialist

for 125 years

We have been working in metal machining in Arnsberg for 125 years. Our core products, the META QUICK and META FIX shelving systems, META MINI-RACK and META SPEED RACK long span racking systems, and META MULTIPAL pallet racking systems are produced on site here at our shelving construction competence centre, and successfully marketed far beyond the borders of Europe. But we don’t want just to advertise ourselves with the "Made in Germany" quality mark. We consider it an obligation and a requirement, both now and in the future, to supply you with quality products.

In our structural steel competence centre at Budweis in the Czech Republic, we also produce our structural steel and platform solutions - either customised to your needs or as a standard solution.

From Arnsberg to the world: with this slogan, we have been continuously expanding our network in Europe and around the world. We have an active collaboration across borders with our subsidiaries, sales partners and branch offices, and we learn from each other and build interesting new relationships.

We train our junior staff ourselves and in this way we lay the foundations for future success. As an recognised apprenticing company in the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce), we offer training positions in the widest variety of occupational roles.

Our range of products and services:

  • Shelving systems
  • Pallet racking systems
  • Long span racking systems
  • Cantilever and long goods racks
  • Structural steel and storage platforms
  • Operating facilities

Dynamic storage systems:

  • mobile shelving systems
  • mobile pallet racking systems
  • mobile cantilever racking systems
  • Live storage / order picking racks
  • Flow / pushback racks
  • Warehouse technology training
  • Rack inspections

... manufactured & stored on over 26,000 square meters in Arnsberg/Sauerland.