Cooperation partners in the field of conveyor technology

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META-ILS – Innovative Logistic Solutions

Beyond our own product range, cooperations are a supportive pillar of our strategy and an important building block for the future development of the company. In particular, the latest cooperation with a successful system integrator for automated intralogistics solutions shows that this orientation serves to leverage further market potential for all partner companies involved.

Several projects have already been successfully and jointly implemented, effectively combining racking and conveyor technology as a complete solution. The new joint venture under the name META-ILS represents the combination of META warehouse technology and innovative logistics/conveyor technology solutions (ILS = Innovative Logistic Solutions). Through holistic warehouse planning including preceding analysis, consultation and simulation, we generate a sustainable competitive advantage for our joint customers.

META-ILS scores with individual and holistic customer solutions in the following sectors of warehouse automation:


∎ Racking and storage technology               ∎ Transport               ∎ Picking               ∎ Identification               
∎ Sorting               ∎ IT solutions               ∎ Service