META MULTIFLOOR highbay racking

up to 15 m height

META MULTIFLOOR highbay racking system

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■ Flexible, economical modular system 
■ Can be used as highbay racking, wide span and wheel racking 
■ Shelves + tyre beams: boltless
    ■ Height adjustable in 25 mm increments 
    ■ Convertible without tools 
■ Extensive range of accessories and numerous extension options for a wide range of stored goods 
■ Simple, cost-effective assembly 
■ Wide range of connection options, e.g. for for automatic small parts store and shuttle racking 
■ High stability due to truss framing and diagonal braces 
■ Easy attachment of sprinkler systems and lighting
■ Standard equipment and standard heights and lengths for economical applications 
■ Shelf includes base plate and screw anchors 
■ Equipment: META MULTIFLOOR upright section P60/1.5
■ Extensive accessories possible, e.g.: 
    ■ Additional shelves 
    ■ Rear walls as wire element or solid sheet metal/trapezoidal sheet metal element 
    ■ Side walls as wire- or solid wall element 
    ■ Aisle bridges as optional accessories (e.g. for shelving heights greater than 5 metres between single and double shelving rows)


Shelf highbay racking

■ Frame height: up to 15 m 
■ Floor depth: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
■ Load capacity of shelves: 80 - 330 kg
■ Shelf edge height: 40 mm (25 mm on request)

Wheel highbay racking

■ High degree of utilisation possible (overall height up to 15 m) 
■ Wheel storage as wheel highbay racking 
■ Also suitable for storing rims 
■ Wheel storage on specially profiled tyre beams for safe, gentle storage of wheels; beams height adjustable in 25 mm increments 
■ Tyre beams in standard lengths of 1,000, 1,300, 1,600 and 2,000 mm 
■ Push-through safety devices prevent wheels from falling out 
■ Aisles/side aisles up to 1,500 mm wide are self-supporting at 350 kg/m2