META ATLAS ST cantilever rack

with welded arms

As cantilever rack with arms of equal length and as long goods rack with arms of different lengths. The flexible solution for horizontal storage of long and heavy goods. The welded cantilever uprights are made of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sections.


spiegelung atlas 980x560 2016 GB

META ATLAS ST cantilever racks

  • Cantilever arms with the same arm length
  • Surface RAL 5010 gentian blue
  • Spacing: 1350 mm (distance between centres of cantilever uprights)
  • Overall length: length + 55 mm
  • The indicated depth is the useful depth of the arms on each side
  • Overall depth: 630 / 1150 mm

META ATLAS ST long goods racks

  • Cantilever arms of different lengths (shortening towards the top)
  • The whole structure is sandblasted before being lacquered
  • Surface RAL 5010 gentian blue
  • The useful arm depth on each side is 150 – -500 mm.
  • Spacing: 1,350 mm (distance between centres of cantilever uprights)
  • Overall length: Nominal length + 46 mm
  • Overall depth: 590 / 1090 mm

Safety Instructions

If the height/depth ratio ≥ is 5 : 1 or the operational conditions require it, foot anchorages must be used.


Catalogues and assembly instructions

Current brochures and assembly instructions can be found in our catalogue portal.