META CLIP Floor systems

up to 3 floors

Multi-tier rack systems are made up of a number of multi-tier racks built up over large areas, and have flexible application thanks to the extensive range of accessories. Strategic service aisles can also be arranged and integrated with traffic areas, thus optimising the logistical processes. In this way, META multi-tier racking can shorten your order-picking routes!

Meta Muecke 63

Different variants are available:

  • 1 tier:
    with platform for block storage
  • 2-tier
    double the storage space
  • 3-tier
    let some air out of your warehouse and make use of the available height
  • Dimensional variants:
    Standard rack height: 2.000, 2.200, 2.500, 3.000, 3.500, 4.000, 4.300, 4.500 mm
    Standard rack depth: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
    Standard length: 750, 1,000, 1,250. 1,300 mm
  • Individual shelf loads: up to 300 kg 1) 
    Bay loads: up to 3,700 kg 1) 2)
  • Surface: Galvanised or with additional plastic coating in RAL 7035 light grey

You find more details under META CLIP boltless racks
1) with uniformly distributed load  
2) Bay load specifications apply to rack rows with 3 or more fields


Safety Instructions

Secure racks with the height/depth ratio ≥ 5 : 1 against tilting (you will find wall or foot anchoring in our warehouse technology order catalogue). Shelf/field loads apply with evenly distributed load.
Bay loads are valid for rack rows with 3 or more bays.
Cover shelf max. 200 kg.

Catalogues and assembly instructions

Current brochures and assembly instructions can be found in our catalogue portal.