META QUICK SET boltless racks

Diversity on a two-component basis

fix and pre-packed units (basic or add-on shelving units) for easy handling and transport


spiegelung clip set 980x560 2016 GB
  • easy to assemble plug-in system
    quick & tool-free to assemble and convert boltless shelving system
    universally applicable e.g. for warehouse, workshop, magazine, salesroom, cellar, office etc.
  • Shelves prepared for the installation of extensive system accessories such as dividers, partition grids etc. through system perforation in 50 mm increments
  • Shelves height adjustable in 25 mm increments
  • Bottom shelf: 
    Nominal length + 56 mm - Nominal depth + 36 mm
    Add-on shelf: 
    Nominal length + 6 mm - Nominal depth + 36 mm
    Shelf load: 115, 150, 230 kg
    Bay load: up to 1,260 kg
  • Galvanized surface
  • Basic shelf: 2 frames, 4 shelves, mounting accessoriesAnbauregal: 
  • 1 frame, 4 shelves, mounting accessories

Safety instructions

Secure racks with the height/depth ratio ≥ 5 : 1 against tilting (you will find wall or foot anchoring in our warehouse technology order catalogue). Shelf/field loads apply with evenly distributed load.
Bay loads are valid for rack rows with 3 or more bays.
Cover shelf max. 200 kg.


Catalogues and assembly instructions

Current brochures and assembly instructions can be found in our catalogue portal.