META A-frame racks

META MULTIPAL A-frame racks


Optimal for vertical storage of heavy profiled timbers, strips, panels, rod materials etc.

spiegelung profillager2 980x560 2016
  • Uprights and beams support high loads 
  • Angle of inclination of uprights: 10°
    max. lateral load supported: 200 kg max.
    vertical load: up to 1135 kg per bay
  • Surface:
    uprights: galvanized
    beams: RAL 2001 red-orange
  • Starter bay: Nominal length + 170 mm
  • Add-on bay: Nominal length + 85 mm
  • Surface of accessories:
    separating arms: galvanised
    dividers: RAL 2001 red-orange
  • Scope of supply of starter bay:
    2 uprights
    5 beams
    small parts + mounting material
    without separating arms/dividers
  • Scope of supply of add-on bay:
    as for basic rack but with 1 upright

Catalogues and assembly instructions

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