META A-frame racks

for vertical storage of long goods


Optimal for vertical storage of light goods such as profiled timbers, strips, panels etc.

spiegelung profillager kl
  • Clip-on holders (separating arms)/depth: 400 mm
  • Angle of inclination of uprights: 6°
    max. lateral load supported: 50 kg
    max. Vertical load: 475 kg per bay
  • Starter bay: Nominal length + 107 mm
  • Add-on bay: Nominal length + 51 mm
  • Surface: Frame RAL 7035, light grey
    bracing galvanised, beams RAL 7035 light grey,
    clip-on holders (separating arms) galvanised
  • Important! Clip-on holders are not included in the supply.

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