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Optimised flow of goods and new storage solution

Extensive warehouse equipment with a new development for the new VIEROL AG logistics centre

After only one year of construction, VIEROL AG was able to put its new logistics centre into operation. In this extensive project in Rastede, the two companies Förster & Krause and META-Regalbau successfully prevailed as a bidding consortium in the area of shelving and conveyor technology.

VIEROL AG is a globally successful specialist for electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector, delivering more than 50,000 high-quality vehicle parts to 125 countries on all continents. The product portfolio of the quality brands VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA ranges from EGR valves to timing belts. As an owner-managed family business with headquarters in Oldenburg and subsidiaries in Shanghai and Singapore, the company ensures mobility worldwide with its automotive spare parts. One of the keys to success is VIEROL AG’s fast service: recipients in Germany receive goods the very next morning, and in Europe within 48 hours.



The new META MULTIPAL pallet high-bay warehouse can accommodate 12,600 pallets.

Project data

Building: VIEROL AG, Rastede
META products installed: META MULTIPAL Pallet racks
  META MULTIPAL storage system
  META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks
  META MULTIFLOOR racking system
  Steel construction solution

Investment of approximately 20 million euros


Due to the planned growth in both turnover and portfolio, an expansion of the entire logistics infrastructure was required. In the industrial estate at the Oldenburg-Nord motorway junction in Rastede, the company invested around 20 million euros in an ultra-modern and CO2-neutral logistics centre with total space of around 10,000 square metres and opened after only one year of construction. The sustainable energy concept for the new building includes complete power supply from renewable energies and rainwater recovery.

From there, more than 50,000 wear and spare parts for motor vehicles are exported to more than 125 countries. A pallet high-bay warehouse, a specially developed storage system with gallery level and a five-storey racking system are provided by the warehouse technology experts META-Regalbau. The fully automated and integrated conveyor technology was supplied by Förster & Krause. Both specialists complemented each other in the diverse requirements for this extensive project with a wealth of ideas and experience, with the ultimate objective of an optimal flow of goods always the focus of their considerations


Order picking in the new five-story META MULTIFLOOR shelving system.
Pallets to be stored are placed in front of the head in META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks.

Storage technology from META

The figures merely for the newly equipped logistics centre are impressive:

  • 12,600 pallet spaces in the pallet high-bay storage facility
  • Approximately 1,000 storage spaces with additional level in the gallery-level storage system (picking directly from the pallet)
  • Over 91,000 storage spaces in the five-storey bay shelving system


META was also able to score points due to its enormous project experience. The pallet racking system, over 16 metres high, is based on the proven META MULTIPAL racking system. A total of 12,600 pallet spaces could thus be created in the form of a narrow-aisle warehouse. This is supplemented with front-positioned META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks, which were also placed as buffer storage. Pallets to be stored are provided there by the goods receiving department.


Pallets to be prepared directly for order picking are moved into the so-called storage system with gallery level. For this purpose, META has integrated a new, patent-pending positioning solution into a shelving system based on the META MULTIPAL design. The almost 1,000 order picking and storage locations created in this way are each supplemented with a shelf level for additional storage space.

Both the pallet high rack and storage system with gallery level are operated via fully automated narrow-aisle stackers.


Almost 1,000 picking or storage locations have been created in the META MULTIPAL cleated warehouse.
Entry of the fully automated narrow-aisle stacker into the META MULTIPAL cleated storage system.

Connected to the storage system with gallery level is the five-storey META MULTIFLOOR bay shelving system. Almost 23,000 shelves measuring 1,300 x 400 mm were used in this impressive racking system, ultimately providing a storage capacity of over 91,000 storage spaces.

The new META MULTIFLOOR modular shelving system is highly flexible in terms of both structure and design, thus simplifying customised adaptation of the storage solution – even to static requirements if necessary. META MULTIFLOOR is ideal for a wide range of applications: from free-standing racking to multi-storey pick towers, wide span racking and wheel/tyre stores, high racking for industrial trucks and much more. Maximum compartment utilisation due to external connection of the shelves as well as the diverse connection options are also outstanding advantages of this system. The special design and streamlining of the component diversity also make this modular system cost-efficient, while maintaining the familiarly high META quality.


All walkways are generously designed for a load of 500 kg per square metre and supplemented with structural steel components such as stairways and railings. META has also integrated a goods lift for transport between the storeys and ladders from its affiliated company Hailo as additional escape routes in the storage system with gallery level area and the adjacent multi-storey shelving system.

Overall implementation of this extensive project was carried out in the form of a bidding consortium between Förster & Krause and META. The highly efficient cooperation and the depth of experience of both companies guaranteed the successful implementation of this extensive all-in-one solution.


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VIEROL AG customer statement


"Our partners recorded the diverse requirements for our extensive project in detail and implemented them professionally with a wealth of ideas."

Michael Krone, Director of Logistics and IT, VIEROL AG