JAB Josef Anstoetz, Bielefeld

Storage solutions for high-quality floor coverings and fabrics

Up to 1,400 pallets set in motion at the touch of a button

JAB relies on the dynamic and flexible solutions of META in its warehouse

For special product and pallet dimensions, specially designed storage locations are required - as is the case at JAB ANSTOETZ in Bielefeld. The supplier of high-quality decorative and upholstery fabrics, carpets and designer floor coverings relies on the competence of the intralogistics expert META-Regalbau when choosing storage technology.

For customers all over the world, the name JAB ANSTOETZ stands for high-quality textile creations whose imaginative designs continue to set new trends. The coordinated home fabrics not only include a huge range of fantastically beautiful decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics, but also roller blinds, pleated blinds and panel curtains for efficient sun protection. Carpets, carpets and designer floor coverings in selected high qualities are available as stylish counterparts to the fabric range. The harmonious range is rounded off by carefully handmade upholstered furniture and a small but fine collection of curtain rods and wallpaper.

JAB uses various system solutions from the Arnsberg-based storage technology expert META to store the design floor coverings and fabrics. 


Moving at the push of a button: The META MULTIBLOC mobile racking system with up to 1,400 pallet spaces.

Project Details

Object: Storage areas at JAB Josef Anstoetz Bielefeld
Used META products: META CLIP shelving units
  META MULTIPAL Pallet racks
  META MULTIBLOC pallet racks

The Task

In the storage area of the high-quality designer floor coverings, a META MULTIBLOC mobile racking system with seven trolleys and electric motor drive is installed as the centrepiece of the buffer store. The META MULTIPAL S pallet racking system is used to store up to a total of 1,400 pallets. Thanks to this dynamic storage variant, it is possible to increase the storage capacity by up to 110% on the same area compared to a permanently installed racking system. This means maximum space utilisation with simultaneous access to every storage location. The desired aisle can also be opened e.g. from a forklift by remote control.

Another special feature of this system are the special beams at the end of the carriages, so that the escape route required by JAB can still be used without restriction.  For the storage of the fast-moving warehouse goods, stationary pallet racks of the META MULTIPAL S system are installed in addition to the picking stations. With both storage variants, continuous grating floors are used in the pallet racks so that pallets weighing up to one ton can also be stored outside the standard size. This end-to-end special solution enables flexible storage and problem-free pick-up of special pallets. The ram protection on each row of racks prevents damage from transport equipment and ensures the longevity of the racks.

Another important area at JAB is the storage and packaging of a wide variety of materials. JAB always has 3,000 different articles in a total of 20,000 colours in stock in Bielefeld and offers cutting and a comprehensive sewing service. For the storage and provision of these high-quality fabrics, so-called cleat racks are used, in which the fabric rolls can be clearly stored. These are several META CLIP shelving units placed one behind the other. Due to the flexible application and conversion possibilities of this plug-in system, the shelving can be optimally adapted to almost any type of goods in question and, if required, the storage capacity can be increased quickly and without great effort.


The stationary pallet racks of the META MULTIPAL S system are used for the storage of fast-moving warehouse goods.
META field service Martin Hitzfeld, plant manager Jens Buchholz and warehouse manager Michael Smolarek (from left to right) in front of the META MULTIBLOC mobile racking system.

Customer Statement

"We are very satisfied with the META storage systems", explains Mr. Buchholz, Plant Manager at JAB. "Also the cooperation in partnership for years and the support by the responsible office and field service worked excellent from the beginning".