CROSO International, Arnsberg

Railing systems and components

Dynamic and efficient warehouse solution in extraordinary factory building

META equips new building at CROSO International with racking technology


Environmentally-friendly construction combined with an efficient warehouse solution

The new and extraordinary company headquarters in wood construction, which will accommodate production and administration departments as well as the warehouse on an expanse of over 4,000 m², was officially opened after just a year of planning and construction. The competence and knowledge of the local intralogistics experts META-Regalbau were relied on for the extensive warehouse setup.

CROSO is one of the leading providers of balustrade systems and components made of stainless steel and aluminum in combination with glass elements at the highest level in terms of technology and quality. At its old-established Sophienhammer location in Arnsberg, products including LED-illuminated handrails, user-friendly supports and pedestal profiles made of stainless steel and aluminum are manufactured in accordance the customer's specific requirements. Replacement parts and small parts for the customized balustrade systems are also stocked and picked on an order-by-order basis. This wide range of stored goods means that the requirements the META warehouse setup must fulfill are extremely diverse.

What has emerged is an extraordinary building in wood construction to meet sustainability considerations. The energy-efficient LED lighting and use of the existing block heating and generating plant belonging to a neighboring company from the same company group, Julius Cronenberg oH, underlines the environmentally-friendly and sustainable approach to construction.

The basic concept and the division of the individual work areas was carried out by Production Manager Sandra Thurau in accordance with the planned manufacturing and picking procedures. The future development of orders was always at the forefront during the planning stage with the result that comprehensive expansion options in the warehouse area were provided for and are already in preparation.

New hub for manufacture at CROSO: The new META MULTIBLOC mobile rack system

Project details

Object: CROSO International
META products installed: META CLIP

The task

Due to the different warehouse materials, the Arnsberg-based warehouse technology expert META used different system solutions for the respective areas. In the area where small parts are warehoused and order picking takes place, the META CLIP boltless rack system with over 2,500 shelves was used to ensure a clear overview of the different products warehoused. The arrangement of the aisle in a U-shape and the corresponding positioning of the fast-moving items achieve short routes and thus a more efficient picking system. The efficient result of the shared warehouse planning is especially evident when you look at the routes in the small-parts area, where the average picking distance was reduced by 50% to 35 m.

The planning in this area took future requirements into consideration, as the complete META CLIP system can be extended and thus enables, if necessary, the warehouse capacity to be doubled in an additional construction stage.

As the central feature of the replenishment processes during manufacturing, META installed the META MULTIBLOC mobile rack systems that were equipped with heavy cantilever racks to store a total of 324 frames for long goods. Thanks to this storage variation, it is possible to increase the warehouse capacity by up to 110% on the same area compared with a fixed racking system. This means maximum use of space with simultaneous access to every storage position. Even here, if necessary, it is possible to construct a second mobile rack system in a further expansion stage by means of an already prepared rail system.

To provide warehouse space for replenishments or as seasonal buffer storage, and for the storage of various other goods, we relied on the META MULTIPAL S pallet racking system with which 376 pallet spaces could be created. In addition, the innovative warehouse solutions provided by META MULTIPAL A-frame racks for the upright storage of individual long goods and the META SPEED-RACK packing table in the picking area contribute to the efficient processing of production and picking orders.

The META CLIP shelving system with 2,500 shelves installed ensures structured storage in the picking area
Sandra Thurau (CROSO International) and META sales force Elmar Dolle in front of the new META MULTIBLOC

Customer statement

"It was important for us that everything we needed was available from under one roof at META. Everything just clicked. One outstanding point is their competence in the field of dynamic warehouse systems. In addition, we in the company group relied on local providers with whom we already enjoyed years of trusting and successful cooperation", is how Sandra Thurau, Production Manager at CROSO, explains the choice of warehouse provider.

"Right from the start, the collaboration was outstanding and very creative – both with Mr. Dolle from the META field staff and with those in the office at META."