Storage Solutions for the New Service Centre

Decor samples properly archived

In its new service centre, INTERPRINT relies on storage solutions from META-Regalbau

The recently opened new service centre at the company’s headquarters in Arnsberg is the hearbeat of the sample mailing and the decor sample archive divisions of the decor printing firm INTERPRINT. INTERPRINT relied on META’s storage systems for the rack solutions required as its storage base.

With around 1,300 employees worldwide, including 390 at its headquarters in Arnsberg, the INTERPRINT Group is one of the world's leading decor printing companies. The INTERPRINT philosophy has been lived for 50 years under the slogan "Think global, act local". Wood, stone and creative decors from Interprint design the surfaces of numerous wood-based materials that are processed into furniture or floors and used in interior construction.


META1533 15x10
The decor paper rolls are properly stored in the META MINI-RACK racking system.

Project data

Object: INTERPRINT, Arnsberg
Installed META products: META MINI-RACK wide span racks
  META QUICK racking systems including compartment dividers

High demands – individual solutions

As one of the world's leading decor printing companies, INTERPRINT offers a wide range of sample services. For this purpose, HPL sheets (HPL - high pressure laminates) as well as different types of decor paper rolls in different lengths are stored in the new service centre. In particular, the different shapes, lengths and weights of the stored samples had to be taken into account when designing the racks. In close coordination between INTERPRINT and META-Regalbau, the ideal solutions for the different requirements were developed or found in several project stages. In addition to the diverse requirements of the stored goods and the official requirements, increased fire protection requirements also had to be met. Among other things, certain distances between the sample rolls and the racks were required to ensure the full effect of the installed sprinkler system. To do this, INTERPRINT designed special pads for the paper rolls.

META1587 15x10
The META MINI-RACK system is also the ideal choice for archiving linear meters in sleeves of different lengths.
META1569 15x10
The META QUICK system is used for the decor samples pressed as laminate panels (HPL).

Different racking systems in use

Different racking systems are used in the new service centre. The META MINI-RACK racking system is used to store the decor paper rolls. This versatile wide-span rack is the ideal solution for large and heavy single items thanks to its large storage area and high shelf loads. This system is also the ideal choice for archiving linear meters in sleeves of different lengths. Shorter paper sleeves are archived in an individual combination of META QUICK side walls with step bars.

Decor samples that are already pressed as laminate panels (HPL) are stored clearly and in small parts in META QUICK shelf racks - separated by continuous compartment dividers.

The different applications and individual solutions at INTERPRINT show the flexible properties of the different racking systems, because META offers the right storage system for every storage item.

META1530 15x10
Anke Gerling (left) and Susanne Wünsch (right) together with META area manager Elmar Dolle.

Customer statement

Susanne Wünsch, Head of Marketing at INTERPRINT, explains the cooperation between the two companies: “Our company attaches great importance to high service quality. The individual storage solution from META is a cornerstone. ”

"Despite the stringent demands, it was a very constructive project work with the in-house and field staff at META-Regalbau", adds Anke Gerling from the INTERPRINT decor development department.