Wiener Netze, Wien

New central warehouse for the distribution network operator

Fast realization of a precisely fitting storage solution

Wiener Netze GmbH relies on META's flexible solutions for its new central warehouse


A new building is always a challenge but also a great opportunity for every company. This was the case with the distribution network operator Wiener Netze, who had planned a new central warehouse and awarded the contract for the extensive storage equipment required to META Regalbau. The planning and work was carried out in a targeted and very efficient manner, so that the project could be handed over to the customer with a positive acceptance after just under four months. The new building not only proved to be the better solution in terms of economic efficiency, it also made it possible to optimise processes and thus become even more efficient.

As a distribution network operator, Wiener Netze provides electricity, gas and district heating networks in Vienna and the surrounding area and thus bundles all network services under one roof. Around 2.1 million customers in Vienna and parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland are served around the clock. More than 23,000 km of electricity network, 4,600 km of gas network, 46 substations and 11,000 transformer stations supply energy to customers in Vienna and the surrounding area. About 1.5 million electricity meters and almost 700,000 gas meters ensure that the energy can be correctly invoiced. The Vienna networks also operate the 564 km long primary district heating network and a 2,000 km long fibre-optic network. Almost 2,500 employees work for Wiener Netze. The company invests over 200 million euros per year in the maintenance and expansion of the network infrastructure. 

The META MULTIPAL system was able to create a total of approx. 7,000 pallet spaces in the central magazine.

Project Details

Object: Wiener Netze GmbH central warehouse
Warehouse size: approx. 8,000 m²
Used META products: META MULTIPAL pallet racks
  META CLIP shelving units, open fronted storage shelves and tub shelving units
  META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks
  META MULTIPAL profile storage racks
  META SPEEDRACK Long Span / Wide Span Racks

The Task

The implementation and planning of the new company headquarters on the Campus Wiener Netze in Vienna-Simmering took place in cooperation of the companies Wiener Netze together with Betriebsberatungsfirma ECONSULT and the Austrian subsidiary of META-Regalbau. In addition to the new 'Smart Campus' office building for 1,400 employees, the aim of the extensive project was to construct a new central warehouse including various workshops in order to centralise the individual departments on 96,000 m² of floor space. The entire campus was built according to the goal of sustainable construction. This comprehensive use of state-of-the-art technology, all optimised by a smart energy management system, coupled with perfect insulation and shading, makes the new Smart Campus one of the largest low-energy buildings in the world, built close to passive houses. 

After numerous coordination discussions, changes and plan reworkings the concrete offer finalisiert. The META storage solution was convincing, and the subsidiary of the Arnsberg-based storage specialist was awarded the contract with an order volume of over 1 million euros. The contract was awarded by the Federal Procurement Agency BBG.

Design in the event of a disaster

The order included three shelving systems, a multitude of pallet racks and cantilever racks for the main magazine as well as various other racks for all workshops, which are distributed in countless rooms. The design of the pallet rack for earthquake zone 2, meaning class 4, was important for this design in order to be able to maintain the entire infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

Various storage solutions in use

On approx. 8,000 m² in the central magazine, approx. 7,000 pallet spaces were created with the META MULTIPAL pallet rack system. The META CLIP boltless shelving system with approx. 3,600 linear metres of shelving in 2-storey shelving systems ensures optimum storage of a wide variety of materials. This system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of goods and conditions. In addition, the META MULTISTRONG HEAVY heavy-duty cantilever racking system has created approx. 700 linear metres of cantilever space.

A total of approx. 360 tons of storage technology were installed, the greatest challenge being the coordination of the delivery. The handling, coordination, assembly supervision and site discussions took up a lot of time. This, however, guaranteed a smooth process and delivered a positive result. META was one of the few companies on the large construction site that met all interim and final deadlines despite all the problems that occurred.

Flexible storage solution for a wide range of goods: META CLIP shelving systems in use.
In the new central magazine, 2-storey shelving systems of the META CLIP system are used.

Successful project for META in Austria

Gerhard Lichtl, Managing Director of the subsidiary META Austria, was very satisfied after the completion of the project: "This project was a special challenge for META Austria. On the one hand, the scope of the project is not everyday and, on the other hand, we wanted to live up to our market-leading position in Austria. We have shown that META is the right partner from individual shelves to extensive projects".