Hees Bürowelt, Siegen

All-round service for the office

New warehouse for Hees Bürowelt in Siegen, Germany

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Office supplies for South Westphalia

Family-run Hees Bürowelt is over 120 years old. Today, the company combines five business areas: With office supplies, office technology, office furniture, an IT systems arm, and an Internet agency, the new building covers all products and services relating to the office under one roof. The company operates a third-party fulfillment business within office supplies, delivering primarily to companies in South Westphalia. Most sales are generated online or via mail order catalogue. The cash and carry and the stores in downtown Siegen generate just a small proportion of the annual turnover at approx. 4.5 million euro. Hees Bürowelt overall achieves annual sales of 25 million euro.

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Clearly assigned positions enables even faster item picking.

Project details

Object: Hees Bürowelt GmbH, Siegen
Size of warehouse: 4200 m² warehouse and workshop plus showrooms and offices
META products installed: Two-tier META QUICK shelving system
META MULTIPAL pallet racking system

The task

Storage at the old location was unstructured and picking was a complicated task because there were no assigned storage positions. When planning the new 750 square-meter warehouse, the aim was to make the best possible use of the entire floor area and height.

The two-tier META QUICK shelving system is used to store office supplies ranging from highlighters to sticky notes.

Customer statement

“The new warehouse is a massive leap forward for us. It was impressive to see just how quickly the racking systems were installed,” says Managing Director Florian Leipold.
The company chose the META QUICK shelving system due to its flexibility. The variable adjustments afforded by the individual shelves have proven their worth during day-to-day operations: “The system is simple and straightforward to use. We keep needing to store something somewhere else and are able to adjust the shelves accordingly,” says Florian Leipold.