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SKODA Randers relies on META storage technology

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MG 4607

The car dealership

SKODA Randers is one of the largest authorised SKODA dealers in Denmark and offers outstanding service with 30 dedicated employees. With the new building and the new warehouse, many spare parts are immediately available so that a quick repair is guaranteed. For safe storage, a flexible shelving system with large shelf widths and matching optics was required.


MG 4568

Project Data

Object: Skoda car dealership Randers  
Used META products: 2-storey META CLIP shelving system incl. lighting solution
  META CLIP boltless shelving system
Size of shelves: 1,700 x 800 mm
Capacity: Shelf load 100 kg: approx. 3,500 car parts
  Shelf load 200 kg: approx. 1,500 car parts
  Tire racks for approx. 2,500 car tires
Accessories: dividers, solid wall frames, drawers incl. insert boxes

The Task

Due to the constantly increasing number of customers, the SKODA Randers car dealership at its old location has reached its capacity limits in all areas of the warehouse, workshop and exhibition areas. Due to the new building it was possible to implement a customer-specific storage solution for the extensive spare parts warehouse. The aim was the optimal use of space and the efficient design of the working and storage processes, so that SKODA Randers can guarantee fast availability of spare parts even with an increasing number of customers. The total capacity required and implemented was a total of 5,000 car parts in various dimensions, shapes and weights. In addition, storage space was required for up to 2,500 car tyres. In addition, great importance was attached to the colour design of the warehouse solution, as the visual appearance of the warehouse had to fit into the design concept of the new building.

Due to the close coordination between SKODA Randers and META Regalbau, the working and storage processes have been designed much more efficiently - entirely according to the so-called LEAN principle. In addition, the tailor-made storage solution made optimum use of space resources and thus created additional storage space for the large number of spare parts in a wide variety of sizes. A suitable storage location has also been developed and implemented for all special parts that have a special shape or dimension.

Customer Statement

"It was important for us to install a flexible yet tailor-made storage solution with a wide range of compartments in cooperation with a professional storage technology expert. In addition, we attach great importance to the design, so that our new shelving system must be coated in a specific RAL colour to match the appearance of the new building. The cooperation with META Nordic worked very well".

Thomas Støvring , Owner and Managing Director SKODA Randers