Bystronic expands its logistics space

Bystronic Maschinenbau Gotha

Bystronic Maschinenbau

The modern, well lit new building at the Gotha location is a prime example of the unified Bystronic Group look. Combining exposed concrete, glass, and steel accentuated with the company red, it is an expression of the innovation and forward-looking approach of Bystronic Maschinenbau GmbH, which has been part of the Swiss Bystronic Group since 2002. The company offers machine systems, software, and services for sheet-metal working and is one of the market leaders within this field in terms of both technology and turnover. The Bystronic Group has development and production sites in Switzerland, Germany, and China as well as sales and services companies in more than 20 countries spanning four continents.
The production site in Gotha, Germany, is where pressbrakes from the Hämmerle and Beyeler series are manufactured. The staff gladly compare the high precision to a Swiss timepiece when it comes to the accuracy, flexibility, and performance of their machines. Take the Beyeler Xpert, for example, which can process material with up to 3500 tonnes of pressure.
Clients include representatives not only from mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, and the aviation industry, but also the kitchen industry, furniture making, and shipbuilding.
With current investment amounting to nine million euro, Bystronic is a global manufacturer of application-oriented systems for laser, water jet systems and bending is aiming to preserve the German location and the “made in Germany” quality for the future.

META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

The 5.50 meter-high META-MULTIPAL-S pallet racking system has rack depths of 1100 to 2400 millimeters over five levels, offering around 700 pallet positions. 

Project details

Object: New logistics center
META products installed: META 400 m² steelwork platform
MINI-RACK long span racking systems
META QUICK shelving systems
MULTIPAL pallet racking system with 700 storage positions and cable drum rack
META MULTISTRONG heavy cantilever rack

The task

The plan with the new logistics center was to bring the previously decentralized individual warehouses together to form a single warehouse. META has succeeded in developing and implementing a highly customized solution approach within the new logistics center. The expanded storage area, the optimized usage of space, and the associated improvement in utilization all pave the way for the planned doubling of the number of items. Posing a particular challenge was the fact that the functional capability of the logistical processes needed to be assured throughout the new-build scheme and that existing shelving systems needed to be integrated into the new warehouse.
The service warehouse, main warehouse, and tool warehouse are now all side by side, making picking easier and logistical processes more efficient.

META Structural steel platform

The epicenter of the new logistics center is the service warehouse with existing shelving systems, standing on a 400 square-meter steelwork platform with pallet transfer system. 

Stephan Dünnebeil, Area Manager at META-Regalbau and Eckhard Dünger, Head of the Central Warehouse at Bystronic

Customer Statement

The new 120 x 32 meter production facility has more space for production, storage, and management. All in all, the useful area has been expanded from 8000 to 33,000 square meters. It is the second major construction project within the last few years, following the inauguration of an ultramodern facility with sheet-metal production and a representative demo center in 2006. This is also where training is held for customers, technicians, and trainers: “The demo center is where our production comes to life. We invite our customers to come and see their machine before delivery,” explains Sven Künkels, Managing Director of Bystronic Maschinenbau GmbH.



The approx. six-meter-long META cable drum racking system with two single rack rows for a total of 30 cable drums.

Service warehouse with steelwork platform: Using a telescopic lifting device, two containers can be raised up to 4.50 meters at the push of a button.