Ideal solution for flexible storage

DENIOS invests in META cantilever racking systems for the storage of semi-finished products

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The construction of a new production line and the associated intermediate storage of semi-finished products is always a major challenge. This was the case at the well-known company DENIOS, where an intermediate storage facility was planned and installed for a new space system production line for the storage of hazardous materials. The production process here needed to be designed efficiently, so a flexible solution for the maximum utilization of space was sought to store the semi-finished products. After intensive planning and discussion, DENIOS decided on the META MULTISTRONG Heavy cantilever racking system, owing to its design and flexible, usable storage space.


Cantilever racking META MULTISTRONG Heavy for intermediate storage of semi-finished parts

Project details

Object: Interim storage facility of DENIOS AG
META products installed: Single and double row META MULTISTRONG Heavy cantilever racks incl. gratings

The task

DENIOS AG is the world leader in the production and trading of products and services for corporate environmental protection and workplace safety. Business customers from industry and services, crafts and trade, as well as public institutions such as education and research, value the products, solutions and individual services offered for dealing with hazardous materials.

META and DENIOS already have a long history of successful and loyal collaboration in a wide range of fields. Consequently, META was also the first point of contact in the search for a new intermediate storage solution for semi-finished products and the construction of space systems for the storage of hazardous materials.

Intensive planning by Dominik Kammertöns, the person responsible for production logistics at DENIOS as well as META internal and external sales, led to the production of a four-line cantilever rack system based on the META MULTISTRONG Heavy, in both single and double-sided versions. With a height of 5.60 metres and a length of over 15 metres, the different levels provide a storage space of almost 500 metres. The extensive installed grating creates a highly flexible storage option for all kinds of racks or pallets with a high maximum possible load of 600 kg per cantilever. In addition, the META MULTISTRONG Heavy cantilever racking systems with the bolted and adjustable cantilevers are versatile and infinitely adjustable to meet any future requirements.


Dominik Kammertöns from DENIOS AG in front of the new META MULTISTRONG Heavy cantilever racks

Customer statement

"This flexible storage option with its high load capacity was a decisive factor in choosing this rack solution," explains Dominik Kammertöns of DENIOS.

"The flexibility and speed when loading and unloading the semi-finished products has a very positive impact on our new production chain in the field of hazardous material containers."

Junto a dos variantes más ligeras, la estantería META MULTISTRONG Heavy es la versión pesada y sistemáticamente atornillada de las estanterías Cantilever de META-Regalbau. Ya con las variantes estándar se cubre una gran variedad de las aplicaciones más distintas pudiendo realizar cargas por brazo de hasta 3.400 kg puesto que se utilizan perfiles estables laminados en caliente IPE 80 a IPE 300. Al mismo tiempo, este sistema se puede utilizar de forma flexible puesto que los brazos son en todo momento ajustables en altura en pasos de 100 mm y pueden modificarse posteriormente. El cliente puede elegir entre numerosas dimensiones estándar: META MULTISTRONG Heavy se ofrece con alturas de 3.000 hasta 7.500 mm, con fondos de 400 hasta 2.000 mm y con medidas de eje de 1.000, 1.250 y 1.500 mm.
En el negocio de proyectos se pueden realizar otras variantes de dimensionado según planificaciones individuales de manera que se garantiza un aprovechamiento óptimo del espacio de acuerdo con los deseos del cliente.