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META Racking Inspection – Inspection Requirement for Storage Facilities

Warehouse operators are responsible for ensuring that their work equipment (including racks) is in safe condition, and for ensuring the safety of employees, i.e. that the workplace safety and operating safety regulations are applied(in Germany the "BetrSichV").

§14 of the BetrSichV "Inspection of work equipment“ specifies that racks are subject to the inspection requirement. For the safe operation of racking systems, the legislation requires, among other things, that regular inspections be carried out by a competent person at maximum intervals of 12 months.

With our META racking inspection service, you will not only meet the legal requirements – attested by an official test badge and inspection report – but will also be able to identify possible accident hazards in good time, thus effectively preventing personal injuries and damage to property!

The inspection is carried out by one of our "associationapproved racking inspectors“.

Services provided:
  • Visual inspection to ensure that the DGUV-Regel 108-007 safety guidelines are met
  • Visual inspection of racking systems for any identifiable deformation, damage or missing components
  • Comparison of load data plates with the actual layout
  • Making out an inspection report and awarding the inspection badge
  • Organising replacements for damaged components

You can find more information on ourwebsite at We would be pleased to advise you about META services either in person or by telephone. Simply phone us on +49 2932/957-0.


And incidentally, our racking inspection service process is, of course, also certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.