Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH, Beckum

Internationaal contact voor de industrie

META shelving ensures increased storage space and an improved overview in the new Blumenbecker central warehouse

Ullner en Ullner vertrouwen ook op oplossingen van META-Regalbau in hun eigen magazijn.

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Part of the Blumenbecker Group, Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH has over 1200 employees at domestic and foreign locations. This international company has six industrial trade sites in Germany. The service center handles the automation of systems and machines, the development of robotics solutions, repairs of industrial facilities, the construction of switchgear and mobile elevating work platforms, and the product range covering 100,000-plus items for industry and trade.

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The flexible META CLIP shelving system is extremely versatile, allowing quick and easy reactions to changes in range.

Project details

Object: Central warehouse of Blumenbecker Industriebedarf, Beckum
Size of warehouse: 3500 sq. m with a part random warehouse principle
META products installed: Two-tier META CLIP shelving system with 230 / 150 kg shelves (5500 shelves), expansion of multi-tier system planned for 2016
MULTIPAL pallet racking system with up to five levels, up to 3 to. shelf load, and 10 tonne bay load, complete with chip board shelving, partly shelving

The task

The old central warehouse in Soest comprised multiple buildings with a storage area of 1300 sq. m. Picking was an time consuming task and there wasn’t enough space. The move to Beckum required optimization of work and to ensure rapid delivery times for over 35,000 items.

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L-R: Elmar Dolle, META Area Manager, Sebastian Rustige, Content Manager Blumenbecker, Olaf Lingnau, Managing Director Blumenbecker

Customer statement

“The flexibility of the systems enables us to store items in accordance with customer preferences. If a customer needs an item several times a week, this item is logistically positioned within the warehouse system to enable quick delivery” says Sebastian Rustige, Content Manager. “Another benefit for us and for our customers is being able to present the racking systems as reference objects for resales within the central warehouse itself. Because META is nearby, offers excellent contact, and has a flexible approach, we were able to achieve an optimum result in the shortest time possible.”