Short routes, a clear overview, and plenty of space for around 18,000 items

Technischer Handel Gaßmann, Heiligenstadt

The professional specialist store

With the opening of its new professional specialist store in Heiligenstadt, Germany, Gaßmann has hugely expanded its display and storage area. The customer has access to a comprehensive range of work-protection products in an area spanning 1440 square meters, including dowels, hand and electric tools, standard parts, drive technology, and even construction chemistry products.

META CLIP Shelving system

A clear overview of all small parts and tools stored on two tiers with quick access and short routes.

Project details

Object: Professional specialist store
Size of warehouse: 1440 m²
META products installed: Two-tier META CLIP shelving system

The task

Optimization of the internal material flow was a crucial component in the overall modernization. The objective was to implement short routes, a clear overview, and plenty of space for around 18,000 items.
META planned and installed the two-tier META CLIP shelving system, which connects seamlessly to the clear presentation of goods. It offers both employees and customers quick access to small parts such as screws, hand tools and dowels, and special products.

META CLIP Multi-tier shelving system

Ludwig Urbach (Managing Director of Gaßmann) and Stephan Dünnebeil (META Area Manager)

Customer statement

With the stable V 150 shelves, the boltless rack system at Gaßmann is used to its full advantage. The variable adjustment on a 25 mm grid has proven particularly useful: “It enables us to adapt the individual shelves as necessary to the changing goods. We have even ordered more shelves since that we have been able to integrate ourselves without any problems,” says Urbach in praise of the system’s flexibility.
“We are now in a position to present our strengths within a comprehensive and structured manner.” Managing Director Ludwig Urbach