LDBS Lichtdienst, Falkensee

Central warehouse for lighting technology

New central warehouse for lighting technology

Strong partnership for shelf technology and LED lighting in the warehouse META LDBS 5


The storage technology expert META-Regalbau and LDBS Lichtdienst as the specialist for lighting technology have now placed their cooperation on a firm foundation and signed a cooperation agreement during the inspection of the new central warehouse in Falkensee. The two suppliers will thus be working even more closely together in future when it comes to warehouse equipment with suitable shelf and LED lighting solutions.

The good cooperation between the two companies was also evident in the establishment and consolidation of all smaller warehouses to form an LDBS central warehouse. The result is a large central warehouse in Falkensee, which stores everything from the smallest LED component to LED light strips packed on pallets on over 8,500 square metres of floor space. META designed, supplied and installed the entire shelving and storage technology. Around 30,000 small storage spaces and 8,000 pallet spaces could thus be created at the new location in Falkensee near Berlin.

The new two-storey META CLIP shelving system in the central warehouse in Falkensee - can be extended by a further storey.

Project Details

Object: Central warehouse LDBS Lichtdienst, Falkensee
Used META products: META CLIP two-storey shelving system - expandable
META MULTIPAL pallet racking - partly with wire mesh shelves
META CLIP Stollen shelving units
LED lighting systems from LDBS incl. presence detection and daylight sensors

The Task

Due to the different stock goods, the Arnsberg-based storage technology expert META used different system solutions for the respective areas.

For parts storage in the order picking area, the META CLIP boltless shelving system in combination with steel construction elements was installed over two storeys, ensuring clear and flexible storage of over 30,000 different (small) parts. Due to the open arrangement of the aisles and the corresponding positioning of the fast movers, short walking distances and thus more efficient order picking are achieved. And the future expansion in articles and turnover is already prepared, because the two-storey META CLIP shelving system is prepared for the extension with an additional storey. This means that the storage area set up there can be considerably expanded very quickly.

Connected to the floor system, special tunnel racking systems, also based on the META CLIP system, enable the optimum storage of various LED long tubes.

In addition, the META MULTIPAL pallet racking system was used as a post-supply or seasonal buffer warehouse and for the storage of other goods, creating approx. 8,000 pallet spaces in the wider storage area. In specially dimensioned pallet racks, wire mesh shelves were used to create storage spaces for manual order picking of goods with special dimensions. These 1,500 mm deep META MULTIPAL pallet racks also offer storage space for longer pallets thanks to their three supporting beams. For better identification, the spars of these rack rows are not painted in red orange but in blue.

In principle, the precise planning and positioning of all product groups has been carried out according to the rotation speed (ABC analysis). The targeted detailed planning was carried out in close cooperation between the managing directors Robert Bechtle and Bernd Schwettmann from LDBS Lichtdienst and the META office and field staff.

8,000 pallet spaces were created with the META MULTIPAL system.
The LED hall lighting including presence detection and daylight sensors ensures ideal and efficient aisle illumination between the META MULTIPAL pallet racks.

optimized energy utilization and energy savings

LDBS installed the efficient LED lighting systems of the well-known manufacturer Philips in the new central warehouse. High-quality LED light strips of the Maxos type illuminate the aisles in the pallet racking aisles and in the META CLIP floor system, the robust LED warehouse lights from Philips ensure optimum lighting conditions. All LED luminaires use built-in presence sensors to detect activity in the aisles and control the luminous intensity of the LED luminaires accordingly. In addition, a daylight sensor regulates the required light intensity with the aim of achieving optimum energy utilisation and thus energy savings.

Firm cooperation between META and LDBS

During a visit and a tour of the new central warehouse, the two partners concluded a firm cooperation agreement. As part of this new cooperation, the Arnsberg warehouse expert will focus on equipping his own multi-storey shelving systems. META also mediates between LDBS and the customer in the course of the order process, so that it is also possible to equip the warehouses with the corresponding LED hall lighting in this way.

The two suppliers have already proven their excellent cooperation in several major projects, so that a firm cooperation is a logical consequence of this partnership: "This cooperation is an absolute gain for both companies. In the future, our customers will benefit even more from our integrated warehouse planning in cooperation with our cooperation partners, and new markets in the field of warehouse lighting will open up for LDBS", says Michael Steinrücke, Business Development at META, describing the now concluded cooperation.

LDBS managing directors Bernd Schwettmann and Robert Bechtle (from left to right) in the new central warehouse in Falkensee.

Customer Statement

Robert Bechtle, Managing Director of LDBS Lichtdienst GmbH, on the cooperation in this own facility: "Everything went well and the META team did a great job. Mountains were moved for us and the field service was always a competent and helpful contact person. Our great praise and thanks go to the whole team".