RÄDLOG, Remseck-Aldingen

Three-tier wheel warehouse

9,000 wheel sets professionally stored

META implements three-tier wheel warehouse on a further RÄDLOG-Center storage area

RÄDLOG-Center GmbH is an expert partner for tyres and wheels as well as wheel storage and service in the regions of Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Waiblingen, Böblingen, Sindelfingen, Leonberg and surroundings. The storage of customer wheels is a central service for a large number of clients from the car dealership, fleet and car rental sectors. As a long-standing partner of many renowned companies, RÄDLOG specialises in professional storage and service for all aspects of wheels combined with a high level of logistics expertise and on-time planning and processing.


[Translate to Sverige:] A tailor-made and simultaneously flexible storage concept with maximum utilisation of space

Project data

Building: RÄDLOG-Center GmbH, Remseck-Aldingen
META products installed: META MULTIFLOOR three-tier wheel rack system
  Steel construction solution

In close cooperation with RÄDLOG, the storage technology specialist META-Regalbau implemented and installed a three-tier wheel warehouse with integrated freight elevator based on the new META MULTIFLOOR shelving system.

The new META MULTIFLOOR modular racking is highly flexible in terms of both structure and use, thus simplifying customer-specific adaptations of the storage solution – including, if necessary, modification to constructive and fire protection requirements. META MULTIFLOOR offers a wide range of applications: ranging from free-standing racking to multi-storey picktowers, wide span racking and wheel/tyre storage, highbay racking for industrial trucks and much more. Maximum compartment utilisation due to external connection of shelves and diverse connection options are also outstanding benefits of this system. Its special design as well as streamlining of component diversity also make this modular system cost-efficient while maintaining the customarily high META quality.

META also positioned a front-sided mezzanine with aisles, stairways and pallet transfer stations in front of this shelving system. To complete the project RÄDLOG built additional office spaces and recreation rooms into the levels of the mezzanine.


[Translate to Sverige:] All shelf levels can be used manually with the aid of a transport trolley
[Translate to Sverige:] Three-tier wheel storage with integrated freight elevator based on META MULTIFLOOR

The overall result is a tailor-made and simultaneously flexible storage concept with maximum utilisation of space. The storage space for 9,000 wheel sets created with this system was assigned to the various customers by RÄDLOG. Each warehouse area is stored in its own warehouse management system and marked with a barcode. Customers can in this way view the status of stored wheels themselves via an online portal and trigger the retrieval process.

In addition, ergonomic handling for employees was also considered when designing and equipping the racking system – thus all racking levels can be utilised manually with aid of a transport trolley. Roll-over plates integrated into the intermediate space between the double-depth racking rows enable the wheels to roll easily through to the rear storage spaces. Bevelled wheel traverses with lengths of 1,600 and 2,000 mm guarantee optimum storage of the wheel sets and can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm in just a few steps.

The load capacity of the mezzanine platform is designed for 500 kg/m². Chipboard is primarily used as the flooring material both on the mezzanine and in the shelf aisles, supplemented by gratings on all levels in the main aisle between the racking rows for fire- and noise protection specifications.



Customer statement

"Our employees are very satisfied with the handling of this new storage solution from META. Thanks to close cooperation, we were able to implement a wheel storage system specifically designed to meet our needs."

Jörg Hoffmann, Managing Director, RÄDLOG-Center GmbH