Rosier, Paderborn

Commercial vehicle centre

Optimal storage for commercial vehicle parts

Köhler HST and META design storage solution for Rosier's new commercial vehicle centre in Paderborn

With the construction of a completely new commercial vehicle centre, Autohaus Rosier is strengthening its presence in Paderborn. In order to store a wide variety of individual and spare parts, Rosier relies on a three-storey shelving system based on META MULTIFLOOR, which has been integrated precisely into the existing building structure. The conception, planning and assembly were carried out by specialist dealer Köhler HST, who specialise in customised shelving and storage systems and are a long-standing partner of storage technology specialist META-Regalbau in this field.

Due to the high capacity utilisation of its previous facility, Rosier had decided to build a new, larger Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle centre for trucks, buses and vans. With its central location in the Mönkeloh industrial estate, the new facility has an even more convenient connection to motorway 33. The approximately 35,000 square metre site now includes a large workshop for repairs and maintenance of trucks, buses and vans, a separate customer consultation area, modern design waiting areas, vehicle preparation, spare parts and accessories sales, offices, a Dekra station and plenty of parking spaces and manoeuvring area. A presentation area for van and transporter sales is also planned for the new building. Due to steadily increasing demand, the workshop capacities for trucks and buses have been significantly expanded in the new facility. The Rosier commercial vehicle centre in Mönkeloh has also recently set up a separate van workshop. Customers benefit from minimal downtime due to extended opening hours and a 24-hour emergency service.

[Translate to Sverige:] The new three-storey META MULTIFLOOR shelving system.

Project data

Customer: Rosier, Paderborn
META products installed: META MULTIFLOOR three-level shelving system
  META steel construction solution
  META MULTIPAL pallet racking
  LED lighting

Task description

Another part and important pillar in the logistics chain is the new spare parts warehouse for commercial vehicles, which has been integrated precisely into the existing structure. A three-storey shelving system based on the new META MULTIFLOOR shelving system with steel construction components was designed in close coordination between Rosier, Köhler HST and META, in which the individual parts are stored on 1,300 mm wide shelves.

This new META MULTIFLOOR modular system is highly flexible in terms of both structure and design, thereby simplifying customisation of the storage solution - even to static requirements if necessary. META MULTIFLOOR offers a wide range of applications: from free-standing racking to multi-storey picktowers, long span racking and wheel/tyre stores, high racking for industrial trucks and much more. As an added bonus, the shelves can be joined externally and offer versatile connection options to ensure optimal shelf utilisation. The special design and the streamlining of the components, also means that this modular system is cost-effective while maintaining the consistently high quality we have come to expect from META.

The storage areas created with this system have been allocated to the stored goods to allow for the fastest possible and most systematic access. The individual storage areas and locations are digitally recorded and automatically assigned to the newly added items.

[Translate to Sverige:] The META steel construction solution in combination with the META QUICK multi-tier system.
[Translate to Sverige:] Maximum utilisation of space on three levels with short and optimised picking routes at the same time.

The aim of the project was a tailor-made and flexible storage facility for a wide variety of product groups with maximum use of space across three levels and short, optimised order picking routes. As a result, fast-moving items, small parts, new tyres, special parts etc. have their separate storage area that meets the requirements. The integrated goods receiving area has also been specifically equipped by Köhler HST for night deliveries.

Special areas for storing bulky parts, mesh boxes or even new tyres are located near the integrated pallet transfer stations and the platform area on the top level. With a permissible load of 500 kg per m², the top level is optimally designed for heavier items on pallets. In addition, a META MULTIPAL pallet rack has been installed as buffer storage.

Finally, META also arranged the LED lighting in the multi-tier system. For this, the Arnsberg-based storage technology specialist works with a long-standing partner to provide customers with a cost-efficient solution for lighting as well - both in terms of the purchse and ongoing operating costs.

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Köhler HST partner statement

“Our customer has been delighted with our joint warehouse solution,” explains Christian Figgen, Managing Director Köhler HST.

“Together, we have been able to develop a warehouse concept tailored to the customer's needs and successfully apply our joint expertise.”