Pöppelmann, Lohne

New setup of order picking warehouse

Efficient storage according to the FIFO principle

META MULTILINE order picking racks for storing plastic caps and plugs


New warehouse setup in the KAPSTO picking area

A high storage density with limited space requirements and fast access to the goods - these were the goals of the new warehouse setup in the KAPSTO picking area of Lohner Kunststoffwerk Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG. This target was achieved with the flexible META MULTILINE order picking and flow racking systems and the structured arrangement of the articles.
For almost 70 years, Pöppelmann has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in the plastics processing industry with five production sites and 550 injection moulding machines, thermoforming plants and extruders. In more than 90 countries the quality 'made by Pöppelmann' is appreciated, thanks to the more than 2,000 qualified employees. Pöppelmann supplies commercial horticulture with plant pots and growing systems and is also a partner of many companies from the mechanical and apparatus engineering, automotive, electrical, solar, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical industries, as well as surface technology and the fittings industry.

The company is divided into four divisions: KAPSTO, K-TECH, FAMAC and TEKU. The KAPSTO protective elements (caps and plugs) provide optimum protection during production, storage and transport. The standard range with over 3,000 designs is generally available from stock. In addition, Pöppelmann can offer approx. 2,000 further versions from the special range, which can be produced quickly and cost-effectively from existing tools. The picking zone in this division has now been restructured.


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[Translate to Sverige:] The META MULTILINE order picking and flow-through racking systems for storing a wide variety of plastic caps and plugs.

Project details

Object: Warehouse Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Used META products: META MULTILINE order picking or flow-through racks

The Task

The Lohner company relies on the flexible META MULTILINE picking and flow racks. These racking solutions from the 'dynamic racking' area of the Arnsberg-based storage technology expert META offer a wide range of possibilities and advantages:

- Storage of plastic containers and cardboard boxes possible - easily adaptable to new storage goods at any time
- Storage according to the FIFO principle (First In - First Out): New goods are stored on the loading side, run automatically to the removal side and can be removed there.
- Separation of loading and unloading paths
- High storage density with low space requirement, space savings of up to 35%.
- Fast access to the stored goods
- Time saving due to own transport of the goods, shorter travel times and less disturbance
- No obsolescence of articles

The META MULTILINE order picking or flow-through racking is offered in addition to the version used by Pöppelmann for light loads (manual operation by crates or cartons) also on the basis of the META MULTIPAL system for medium loads (also manual operation by crates and cartons) as well as for heavy loads (stacker operation by pallets).

In the new KAPSTO picking area, structured storage is provided and attention is paid to the arrangement and sorting of the stored articles. The absolute fast movers are always stored near the picking tables. Opened articles are stored in plastic crates from our own production and full packaging units in cartons ready for dispatch. 

In combination with the META MULTILINE order picking racks, this results in a well-structured and highly efficient order picking area.


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