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OM Ships International, Florenz SC

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OM Ships International is the organisation behind the Logos Hope. Ship work began in 1970 as part of the global Christian training and outreach movement Operation Mobilisation International. Since then, OM ships have visited more than 500 different ports in over 150 countries and territories, welcoming over 44 million visitors on board.

Their intention is to bring education, help and hope to people all over the world. They do this by distributing vital literature.

The ships visit the individual ports for a few weeks at a time and receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of visitors on board every day. On average, about one million visitors are welcomed on the ships every year. The floating book market has over 5,000 titles on board and offers many visitors the first chance of their lives to acquire high-quality, general and Christian literature.

Through its distribution center in Florence, South Carolina, it not only provides the ships with literature, it also provides an online bookstore and wholesaler with your books distributed throughout the United States and around the world.

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Complex shelf rows are created from 2 building blocks - frames and shelves.

Project details

Object: OM Ships Logistics Center
Used META products: META CLIP shelving units
META MULTIPAL pallet racking system

The Task

The new warehouse now offers 24,000 m² of space and led to a consolidation of the old warehouses. The warehouse is equipped with META CLIP shelving racks and META MULTIPAL pallet racks to provide sufficient space for storing palletized and non-palletized goods. The META MULTIPAL pallet racks offer space for 1,590 pallets. The META CLIP shelving system with a floor area of only 1,086 square metres offers space for over 4,200 square metres with a total of 648 shelves, giving OM Ships plenty of space for unpacked products and fast-moving, small order items.

The support guard at the beginning of each racking row protects the profiles even during heavy loading operations.
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Customer Statement

"It was a pleasure to work with the META team from design to commissioning. The quality and versatility of the shelving and pallet racking allowed for quick assembly and was exactly what we needed. The META team supported us throughout the project and provided short response times. META Storage Solutions convinced us with this project and we will continue to rely on it in the future".

Peter Rau - Project Manager for OM Ships International