Paul Wiegand, Eichenzell

Spare parts logistics for the waste disposal industry

20,000 spare parts under one roof

New building for Paul Wiegand – spare-parts dealer for the waste disposal industry PWiegand 02 internet

PWiegand 02 internet

Spare parts with a 24-hour turnaround

Based in Eichenzell, Germany, Paul Wiegand GmbH has specialized for 20 years in the Europe-wide distribution of spare parts and accessories for vehicles and systems used within the waste disposal industry. The new office and logistics complex has an ideal location at the Fulda-Süd highway intersection. This is highly important to the dealer, as it offers a 24-hour turnaround for delivery and packages continue to head out to customers until late in the evening.

PWiegand 03
The META MULTIPAL pallet racking system offers 1080 pallet spaces.

Project details

Object: Paul Wiegand spare-parts center
Size of warehouse: 2500 m²
META products installed: META QUICK tiered shelving system
META MULTIPAL pallet racking system
META MULTISTRONG M cantilever racking system

The task

Despite a number of optimization measures, the old warehouse did not have sufficient capacity for the extensive range. With storage at three different locations, picking of the individual items was an extremely laborious task. 
The employees perform 600 picks a day – a trend that is on the rise. The company is currently expanding its range at a rate of around 60 to 100 items a day.
To create an efficient picking line and bring the diverse range together in optimum fashion, the company opted for a new building with a new warehouse concept. More than 20,000 items are stored in a two-tier META QUICK shelving system and a META MULTIPAL pallet racking system.
As well as planning the pallet racking and shelving systems, the project involved developing solutions for the correct storage of long spare parts, sheet metal, and cables.
The new warehouse system has a number of free storage positions to enable expansion. There is also the option of adding another tier to the META QUICK small-parts storage.

The 5 m-high racking system has more than 3400 shelves with a load capacity of up to 230 kg over the levels.
PWiegand 34
Ottmar Rauch, Managing Director of Paul Wiegand GmbH and Stephan Dünnebeil, META Area Manager

Customer statement

The planning and setup of the warehouse were key considerations for the new building. “We have worked with META for years and particularly value the technical expertise of our customer adviser and the timely delivery. META was the only choice in our opinion,” explains Manager Director Ottmar Rauch. META Area Manager Stephan Dünnebeil worked closely with the architects and with Paul Wiegand on the design of the warehouse.