Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH, Beckum

International contact for industry

META shelves provide more storage space and overview in Blumenbecker's new central warehouse

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Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH is part of the Blumenbecker Group with more than 1200 employees at locations in Germany and abroad. The internationally active company is represented in Germany with 6 locations for industrial trade. The performance centre comprises the automation of plants and machines, the development of robotic solutions, the maintenance of industrial plants, the construction of switchgears and mobile aerial work platforms as well as the product range with over 100,000 articles for industry and trade.


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The flexible plug-in system of the META CLIP shelving offers a wide range of possibilities. This makes it possible to react quickly and easily to changes in the product range.

Project Data

Object: Central warehouse of Blumenbecker Industriebedarf, Beckum
Bearing size: 3500 qm with partial chaotic bearing principle
Used META products: 2-storey META CLIP shelving system with 230 / 150 kg shelves (5500 shelves), extension planned for 2016
MULTIPAL pallet racking system with up to 5 levels, up to 3to shelf load and 10to bay load, complete with chipboard floors, some with pedestal racks


The old central warehouse in Soest consisted of several buildings with a storage area of 1300 sqm. Picking was very time-consuming and the space was no longer sufficient. The relocation to Beckum was carried out with the aim of optimising the work processes and guaranteeing fast delivery times for the approx. 35,000 articles.

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from left to right Elmar Dolle, META Area Sales Manager, Sebastian Rustige, Content Manager Blumenbecker, Olaf Lingnau, Managing Director Blumenbecker

Customer Statement

"The flexibility of the systems enables us to store the articles according to customer requirements. If a customer needs an item several times a week, it is logistically placed in the warehouse system in such a way that fast delivery is possible," says Sebastian Rustige, Content Manager. "Being able to present the racking systems as reference objects for the resale business in our own central warehouse is a benefit for us and our customers. The geographical proximity, the excellent contact, the flexible implementation of META enabled an optimal result within a very short time".