Johann van Beusekom, Kleve

offers perfect service

Compact storage

META shelving structuring the logistics of Johann van Beusekom e.K.

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A family business with a tradition

The 58-year old company has held E/D/E membership for 35 years and has developed into one of the most important trading businesses in Cleves, Germany. Over 20 employees currently work at the new location. van Beusekom places great value on services, with staff offering ladder and PPE checks, comprehensive advice, sharpening services, and a repair service in the proprietary workshop. 

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Six sets of stairs ensure optimum access to the products in the warehouse.

Project details

Object: Display and sales area for the van Beusekom specialist tool shop in Cleves
Size of warehouse: 4000 m²
Conversion time: 3 weeks
META products installed: Two-tier, 600 m² META QUICK shelving system
META MULTIPAL pallet racking systems
META MINI-RACK long span racking systems

The task

As its premises were too narrow and outdated, the company moved to a new building within Cleves. The specialist tool business ships items from its range of 35,000 products to customers in Cleves once or twice a week. Other recipients from surrounding regions are served on a weekly basis. The employees pack and dispatch items from the warehouse such as hand tools, electronic devices plus accessories, grinding equipment, welding and soldering technology, gardening equipment, and protective work clothing. The 800 sq. m two-tier showroom bordering the warehouse and offices allows tradesmen to view and select items prior to purchase.

The aim of the new design was to use META shelving within the new warehouse to ensure compact and structured product storage. The new warehouse separates incoming and outgoing goods to ensure a systematic process for the transit of products. All items are now centrally stored to simplify routes and speed up deliveries.

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(From left) Thomas van Beusekom, owner of Johann van Beusekom e.K., his son Fabian van Beusekom, employee and future managing director of Johann van Beusekom e.K., and Sven Gaertig, consultant at META

Customer Statement

„ “We wanted to keep everything compact and in one place”, says owner Thomas van Beusekom, who has run the company for 14 years. “Before, we had a basement, a mezzanine, and an upper floor. It took quite an effort to move goods from A to B. The new warehouse concept has made our working processes much better.”
The Cleves-based specialist tools business refers to and markets Arnsberg-based META as the manufacturer of its racking systems. The shelving in this new warehouse is the ideal reference to encourage resales. “I was keen to work with META because I’ve known the company for years and value its service and good planning,” says Thomas van Beusekom.