META rated Silver by EcoVadis!

META rated Silver by EcoVadis!

Alina Würfel - 14.10.2021

META was stringently and extensively analysed by EcoVadis with regard to corporate responsibility. Items on the audit agenda were the areas of environment, labour law, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

META received the rating "Silver" at first go. This means that the storage technology expert with headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany is among the top 25% of companies so far certified by EcoVadis worldwide.

EcoVadis aims to ensure more ethical and equitable treatment of employees, drive the transition to lower emissions and reduced environmental impact, and ultimately build more resilient businesses and value chains.

In addition, EcoVadis scorecards define the strengths and areas for improvement that the assessed companies can use to implement corrective actions for improvement in the above-specified areas. Over 75,000 companies worldwide use EcoVadis to reduce risks, promote innovation and build trust and transparency between all business partners.