The new META blog is starting

The new META blog: Welcome!

Sabrina Meyer & Markus Schlimbach - 04.12.2020

Today we are launching our latest information channel: the META blog. From now on we will be reporting here at regular intervals with informative blog posts about the wide-ranging world of META and logistics.

The content could be described as "making of" or "background information": Who is behind META, how do our products come about, what’s new, who are the strong partners we have by our side, what challenges do we see in the various markets, etc. ... - in this blog we aim to shed light on all of these topics.

Our articles will appear here in the blog at regular intervals. The special feature of our blog is that the articles are written by different colleagues, so you will receive information on the specific topics directly from our professionals. With the many different topics that we cover here, there is bound to be something of interest to you.

International outlook

Like the company itself, the blog is also internationally oriented. We could refer to a META Group, because in addition to Germany, with a large number of our own branches or sales partners, we don’t see ourselves as confined to national borders. And this will always be reflected in the contributions. As the team behind the blog, we hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to receiving your feedback - by emailing directly to: mschlimbach(at)meta-online.com. If you wish to find out more about META, take a look at our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIN.  



About the authors

At the end of each post, we would like to briefly take the opportunity to introduce the author. Or as in this case, the authors: Markus works in marketing at META. Together with Sabrina, a student project assistant, he is responsible for this new blog and for social media channels such as LinkedIN, XING, Facebook and Instagram. Both look forward to your feedback or your ideas for further contributions - by emailing directly to: mschlimbach@meta-online.com