for outdoor applications

Create additional storage space outside the warehouse


Whether under an existing roof or on open spaces, the META MULTISTRONG HEAVY for outdoor use enables you to also efficiently use these storage areas. With this cantilever racking system in hot-dip galvanised design, we also offer you an optimum and individually planned storage solution for outdoor areas. This can also include a custom-fit canopy and side walls.


IMG 0628 retoL frei
  • Dimensions and load values: Individual planning according to your requirements 
  • Robust construction due to hot-rolled, hot-dip galvanised profiles 
  • Design based on our tried and tested META MULTISTRONG HEAVY, the cantilever racking system also for heavy load requirements 
  • Optional: Canopy and rear/side walls including static design for wind, snow and roof loads 
  • Cantilever arms height-adjustable in 100 mm increments (bolted) 
  • Single or double-sided version can be ordered 
  • Clear and safe storage 
  • Can be equipped with gratings, roll-off mandrels and deflectors 
  • Stable dowelling due to supplied ground anchors (foundation requirement on request)