Cantilever Racks

the optimal solution for all types of long goods storage

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are the optimal solution for storing all kinds of long goods horizontally or vertically, and for storing sheet goods and panels. META offers two cantilever rack solutions: META ATLAS ST and META MULTISTRONG. These can be used to construct small compact rows of racks for light to medium-heavy long goods, or anything up to cantilever rack towers for heavy timber sections and strips.

The cost-effective META ATLAS ST is available in two variants. The cantilever rack is fitted with cantilever arms of equal length. On the long goods rack, however, the cantilever arms are of different lengths, becoming shorter towards the top.
 The welded cantilever uprights are made of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sections. The cantilever rack and long goods rack have a height of 78.740 inch and depth of 19.685 inch, and are available in the lengths 106.299 inch, 159.448, 212.598 and 265.747 inch. The spacing, i.e. the distance between the centres of the cantilever arm uprights, is 53.149 inch. The load capacity for single-sided uprights is 4374,324 – 4860,355 lbs.

The boltless META MULTISTRONG rack comes in two versions: Light and Medium. The META MULTISTRONG Heavy rack is the bolted version.
The three versions differ in their cantilever arm loads: Light = up to 485,017 lbs , Medium = up to 1179,47 pounds and Heavy = up to 4321,06 lbs. 
The height of the cantilever arms can be adjusted at any time in steps of 3.937 inch. The racks are made with solid brand quality hot-rolled IPE 120 sections (Light), IPE 140 sections (Medium) and IPE 180-270 sections (Heavy). 
This professional system allows the customer to choose from numerous dimensional variants. The Light version is available with frame heights 78.740 , 98.425, 18.110 inch, and cantilever arm depths 15.748, 19.685, 23.622 inch, and upright spacings 40.551, 52.362; the Medium version is available with the same dimensions, plus the additional height 137.795 inch and depth  31.496 inch. The Heavy version is available in heights 118.110, 157.480 and 96.850 inch, depths 31.496, 39.370 and 49.212 inch and upright spacings 39.370, 49.212 and 59.055 inch.

The surfaces of uprights, arms, foot sections and horizontals are in RAL 5010 gentian blue; diagonals, end stops and small parts of the different racks are galvanised.