META MULTIPAL pallet racks

Storage system for all loading aids

Easily adaptable to the current goods volume and the required weights of the load carriers, the META MULTIPAL pallet rack is the optimal storage system for all standard loading aids such as Euro pallets and mesh box pallets. Other loading aids can also be stored using our extensive range of accessories.
All META pallet racks carry the RAL-RG 614/2 quality mark. META MULTIPAL is the perfect solution for rationalised, well-arranged and adaptable pallet storage.

spiegelung multipal 980x560 2016 GB
  • The optimal solution for rational, well-arranged, and adaptable pallet and piece goods storage
  • 4 hook-agraffes with height-adjustable in 2" steps
  • Allows either lengthwise or crosswise storage
  • Closed box sections ensure high stability
  • Frames are made of cold-worked sections, which are bolted together with the cross-bracing on site
  • The META MULTIPAL system is a product certified to RAL-RG 614/2 and bears the GS symbol
  • Static testing: based on the DIN EN 15512 standard Pallet racks
  • Dimensional variants:
    standard frame height:
    galvanized version: from 87" to 472"
    powder-coated version: from 87" to 236" (continuous uprights above 236" as extension frame)
  • Standard rack depth: 32", 43"
  • Standard beam length: 71", 87", 106", 130", 142"
    other dimensions on request
  • Individual shelf loads: up to 12125 lbs1)
  • Bay loads: up to 55116 lbs1) 2)
  • Surface:
    frames galvanized, alternatively with powder coating in RAL 5010 gentian blue (at extra cost)
  • Cross-bracing galvanized
  • Beams with plastic coating in RAL 2001 red-orange Pallet racks

1) with evenly distributed load 2) Bay load data apply to rows of racks in 4 or more bays

Safety Instructions

  • Charge dimensions may exceed nominal dimensions!
  • Lifting height of control unit: upper edge of uppermost beam plus 200 mm
  • The field load specification refers to units that consist of a basic field and at least three cultivated fields and have at least three bar pairs per field.
  • The stands are delivered disassembled and without decoration!
  • Stands must always be anchored to the ground (material included)

Catalogs and assembly instructions

Current brochures and assembly instructions can be found in our catalog portal.