META CLIP boltless shelving

multiple possibilities built from two components

Consisting of only two system modules (frames and shelves), complex shelf rows are created for all applications of small parts storage (e.g. spare parts magazine in industry and trade, sales warehouse in production-connection trade). Two frame variants are available - completely disassembled (META CLIP S3) or pre-assembled (META CLIP).



spiegelung clip 980x560 2016 GB
  • easy plug-in assembly: quick assembly without tools
  • extensive system accessories
  • Shelves height-adjustable in 0.984 inch increments for variable adaptation to the stored goods
  • Shelves with system perforation in 1.968 inch increments to accommodate dividers or dividers (exception: 176,37 lbs shelves)
    Bottom shelf:
    Nominal length + 2.204 inch - Nominal depth + 1.417 inch
    Add-on shelf:
  • Nominal length + 0.236 inch - Nominal depth + 1.417 inch
  • Dimension variants:Standard shelf height: 78.740, 86.614, 98.425 , 118.110, 137.795, 157.480, 169.291, 177.165 inch
    Standard shelf depth: 11.811, 15.748, 19.685, 23.622, 31.496 inch
    Standard lengths: 29.527, 39.370, 49.212, 51.181, 59.055, 66.929 inch
  • Single compartment loads: up to 727,525 lbs 1)
  • Bay loads: up to 8157,104 lbs ( S3 up to 3042,379 lbs) 1) 2)
  • Surface: sendzimir galvanised or additionally plastic-coated RAL 7035 light grey

1) with uniformly distributed load
2) Bay load specifications are valid for rack rows with 3 or more fields.

safety instructions

Secure racks with the height/depth ratio ≥ 5 : 1 against tilting (you will find wall or foot anchoring in our warehouse technology order catalogue). Shelf/field loads apply with evenly distributed load.
Bay loads are valid for rack rows with 3 or more bays.
Cover shelf max. 440,925 lbs.


Catalogues and assembly instructions

Current brochures and assembly instructions can be found in our catalogue portal.


Double row shelves with pre-mounted
Frame & diagonal bracing

  • Both lines firmly connected on the back, access side on both sides
  • Consistent use of space through "back-to-back" construction

Single and double row large shelving units

  • with pre-assembled frame & diagonal bracing
  • Compartment length 1,300 mm for large-volume stored goods

Shelf modules, cabinet modules, magazine equipment

  • META shelving, cupboard and magazine equipment,
    these are flexibly combinable modules for the furnishing of enclosed
    Work areas such as workshop, magazine and warehousedie Schrankmodule
  • can be easily integrated into complex shelving systems
  • individual combination
  • extensive accessories
  • disassembled delivery