META MULTIPAL cable reel racks

clear and space-saving storage

META MULTIPAL cable reel racks

The META cable reel system provides the perfect solution for clear, space-saving storage of all kinds of cable reels.

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  • META cable reel racks with A-frames are particularly suitable for clearly arranged storage and attractive presentation at electrical goods wholesalers.
  • These bolted racks can be adapted flexibly to the widest variety of different requirements. Add-ons and extensions can be added easily at a later time whenever required.
  • Quick and easy mounting of system accessories
  • Frame heights: 86.614 to 216.535 inch
  • Frame depth: 43.307 inch
  • Shelf widths: 35.433, 43.307, 51.181 inch
  • Surface: Uprights powder coated RAL 5010 gentian blue, diagonals and horizontals galvanized, beams RAL 2001 red-orange
  • Accessories such as beams, reel axle mountings and floor anchors are all included. The real axle must be selected


Racks with a height/depth ratio of ≥ 5: 1 must be secured to prevent tilting.
Dividers/separating arms can be used only with beam types 85 – 120.