META SPEED-RACK wide-span rack


The META SPEED-RACK boltless wide-span rack is perfect for trade, industry and small businesses that need to stock bulky goods of light to medium weight. The simple basic design allows different setup possibilities and optimal serviceability. And the all-round edge protection and optional floor anchoring ensure the utmost security.


spiegelung speed rack 980x560 2016
  • Simple design wide-span rack with equal-sided, symmetrical angle sections
  • Simple to assemble with boltless mounting
  • Variable positioning due to the basic design, which is particularly user-friendly at the planning and development stage
  • All-round edge protection of the shelves, which are countersunk in the stepped beam
  • Shelf heights-adjustable in 50 mm steps
  • Stepped beam in longitudinal and depth directions
  • Two supports under each deck
  • Floor anchoring possible with clip-in metal foot plates
  • Dimensional variants:
    Standard rack height: 1,970, 2,470, 2,970 mm
    Standard shelf depth: 400, 600, 800 mm
    Standard width: 1,700, 2,000, 2,500 mm
  • Individual shelf loads: up to 500 kg1)
    Bay loads up to 3,000 kg1)
  • Profile and beam surfaces: galvanized
  • Planning dimensions: Nominal dimensions = Actual dimensions
  • Assembled as basic rack unit only

1) with evenly distributed load