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Service center for 350 rail vehicles

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Frankfurt transport company VGF turns to META Lagertechnik

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Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt VGF


Over 160 million passengers use 350 trains and trams every year. These vehicles need to be kept running, which means that warehouses and workshops are required. VGF has two sites for this purpose, covering 350 square meters. An architecture firm from Bremen was brought in to create the basic plans, with detailed planning entrusted to Heinrich & Schleyer, a META dealer from Kitzingen. The new halls were designed to be low-energy buildings with a heat pump, solar-power system, and photovoltaics.

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The small parts are securely stored in META CLIP drawer units, offering a clear overview.

Project details

Object: VGF logistics center
Size of warehouse: 57048,73 square feet with several halls
Conversion time: 3 years (tearing-down of old halls and new construction), 2 weeks to install the racking systems
META products installed: Two-tier META CLIP shelving system, 172,0472inch high, 7 drawer units
Two-tier META shelving system with counter for tool supply
META MULTIPAL 216,535 inch high pallet racking system with 4 levels + cable drum rack

The task

Over 160 million passengers use the 350 trains and trams every year, which need to function every single day. The rail network is a key component of the region’s traffic system, and the old halls were no longer up to the challenge. The location required modernization, with subareas being merged together.
The basic plans were drawn up by architect firm Planungsgruppe Gestering, de Vries, Wurster und Partner from Bremen. The detailed planning was entrusted to Heinrich & Schleyer from Kitzingen.
Small and bulky parts, pallets, long goods, and cables needed to be stored with a clear overview and short access times.

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L-R: Steffen Pietzsch, META Area Manager, Alexander Schmalz, Area Manager at Heinrich & Schleyer, Christoph Pick, VGF

Customer statement

“With our collaboration with Heinrich & Schleyer and META, we managed to optimize everything together. The good contact maintained meant that the whole building project could be implemented quickly. The quick delivery times were also a factor in awarding the order,” says Christoph Pick, VGF.
“When it comes to challenging systems with high requirements, we and META make a great team,” confirms Alexander Schmalz, Area Manager at Heinrich & Schleyer.