Professional storage systems for the professional race car

Porsche Motorsport relies on META Storage Solutions!

Company overview

Porsche Motorsport North America located in Carson, California at the Porsche Experience Center LA is the sole importer of Porsche race cars and Motorsport parts for the North American region. Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) is a fully owned subsidiary of Porsche AG. PMNA offers a large array of services for their Porsche race customers. The services include race car sales, Motorsport parts sales, race car overhaul and drivetrain rebuild, engineering and transmission services at the race track, and restoration of vintage Porsche race cars (Historic Motorsport). PMNA’s location allows visitors to take a look at the high quality of Porsche Motorsport.

META CLIP Shelving System

The META Clip Shelving System includes modular drawers that enable great flexibility in storing, organizing and protecting various sized automotive parts.

Project data

Object: Porsche Motorsport Warehouse/ Parts Storage
META products installed: META CLIP Boltless Shelving System and META- MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

Customer Feedback

“Upon designing and planning a new parts storage warehouse at our new facility, we considered several different manufacturers and products. In the end, META was able to best suit our storage solution needs, by increasing our storage capacity and improving our efficiency. META’s product has proven to have the versatility and quality we desire. META’s project management team collaborated with us every step of the way during our project to ensure we achieved our objective.” – Rob Owen, Assistant Parts Sales & Logistics Manager. 


Porsche Motorsport has relied on META’s longstanding expertize to design its new parts-warehouse. The goal was to realize an efficient storage solution for its growing motorsport business in North America. The implemented system features META CLIP boltless shelving and META MULTIPAL Pallet Rack including various accessories.

META CLIP boltless shelving systems features MS230-III shelves which can easily carry loads up to 230kg/507lbs. Another striking feature of the META CLIP Shelving system is the state-of-the-art modular drawers; there are 495 modular drawers each with a capacity to withstand loads up to 145lbs. The drawers feature depth dividers which help in efficient organization of parts. The entire system is highly flexible and the shelf height can be adjusted in 1” increments to provide great flexibility.

META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking has the capacity to withstand heavy loads without any difficulty. It can easily meet the customer’s load requirements of 680kg/1500lb per level and 1360kg/3000lb per bay. The system also includes bar grating as a decking option which can carry high point loads. These pallet racks allow water to flow through which is an added fire regulation advantage for the warehouse. META products offer higher flexibility which allows Porsche Motorsport to adjust its storage capacity and address growing future needs.



META MULTIPAL Pallet racking

The META Multipal Pallet Rack System is used for bulky parts storage like motor blocks. It features bar grating panels that can withstand high point loads.