CGI Windows & Doors Miami

premier impact-resistant windows and doors manufacturer

CGI Windows & Doors relies on META

to expand manufacturing capacity in Miami

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CGI Windows & Doors manufactures premier impact-resistant windows and doors. Produced to the most exacting industry standards. Their high performance, highly aesthetic product collections offer advanced hurricane protection of home and commercial structures, in both new and existing construction.

CGI® is part of the PGT Innovations family of brands which includes PGT® Custom Windows Doors, and WinDoor®.

PGT Innovations is a recognized market leader for high performance windows and doors. For more than 37 years, their focus remains on helping their customers meet the needs of the market while keeping families, homes and businesses more secure.

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Project details

Object: Manufacturing facility
META products installed: META CLIP Boltless Shelving, META MULTISTRONG Cantilever Racks, META MULTIPAL Pallet Racks, META MULTIPAL A-frame rack
Facility size: 330,000 Square Feet (31,000 Square Meter)
Details: 67 bays of heavy duty cantilever racks for aluminum extrusion storage
  3000 lbs (2998,286 lbs) weight load per cantilever arm and a total weight load of 9000 lbs (8818,49 lbs) per cantilever rack storage level
  7 storage levels for single sided cantilever rack, 14 storage levels for double sided cantilever rack
  224 bays of steel shelving units with 1344 shelves for small parts storage
  72 bays of pallet racking featuring 1500 dividing arms for finished window storage

The task

Due to the company’s successful marketing and strong growth in the Florida construction industry a new manufacturing facility featuring efficient material flow and storage solutions is being constructed. META assisted CGI Windows & Doors in the design and implementation of storage solutions for this new 330,000-square-feet facility in Hialeah, featuring META CLIP Boltless Shelving system, META MULTISTRONG Cantilever Racks, and META MULTIPAL Pallet Racks. META products offer optimum storage space for CGI Windows & Doors on about 50,877 square feet of area.

META CLIP Boltless shelving offers quick and easy installation which saves both time and cost. With an area of over 2,906 square feet, the system features 1344 shelves for efficient storage and organization of smaller window components. The shelf height is adjustable in steps of 1”. This system has been designed in a way that additional tiers can be added to address CGI’s future growth.

The META MULTISTRONG Cantilever racking system offers horizontal storage for aluminum extrusions and other raw materials required for the manufacturing of windows. The system features 20’ tall racks with a footprint of around 35,137 square feet. The name itself suggests that these racks can effectively carry heavy loads without any difficulties. Each bay in the system has a cross-bracing to ensure stability of the tall racks. This system consists of both single sided and double sided cantilever racks for optimum usage of the dedicated storage area.

The facility also features a META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking system and a META MULTIPAL A-frame Racking system equipped with dividing arms for easy storage of heavy duty windows. These racks allow for either lengthwise or crosswise storage of products on about 12,834 square feet of area. The closed box sections of the racks ensure stability to withstand high loads. The beams can be adjusted in vertical increments of 2” depending on the consumer needs. META products are very easy to install and highly flexible so that customers can quickly adjust to growing and changing market demands.

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