Fetra optimizes its internal material flow

fetra transportgeräte borgholzhausen

The family company

Founded over 50 years ago, fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH has made a global name for itself in the production and sale of hand carts. A diverse product range and top “Made in Germany” quality are at the heart of the company philosophy. This is what has kept the Borgholzhausen-based company on the road to success for over five decades.

META Structural steel platforms

META has placed the META MULTIPAL and META MULTILINE S on a steelwork platform.

Project details

Object: Logistics center
META products installed: META 191 m² steelwork platform
META MULTILINE S pallet racking for 250 pallets up to 450 kg
META MULTIPAL S pallet racking system for 240 pallets

The task

Working in conjunction with META-Regalbau, fetra developed an innovative warehouse concept to speed up processes and thus be in a position to respond more quickly to the increased demand for carts, trolleys, and lifting carts. fetra has used intelligent warehouse logistics to expand the modernization of its production processes. This means that the company now has an ultramodern production line and a seamless internal material flow. 

META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

Hinrich Fechtel (left), Head of Production at fetra, and Jochen Fechtel, Head of Sales at fetra.

Customer statement

“We usually store more than 1000 carts. It is especially important that the carts that were made first are also the ones that are sold first,” says Jochen Fechtel, Head of Sales at fetra.
“Because we ship many of our products via parcel service, we have adapted our packing to meet the requirements of our service provider,” adds the Head of Sales. This meant that the optimum storage of packing materials also needed to be factored into the warehouse design.
Jochen Fechtel is impressed with both the META service and the product quality. “META was right by our side as a reliable partner from the initial planning right through to commissioning”, says the Head of Sales. “Our aim was to use our work to increase the appeal of Borgholzhausen, East Westphalia, and Germany as production sites in the long term. And that is what we have achieved,” adds Hinrich Fechtel.

Larger, more modern, and greater performance: the expanded fetra warehouse.

The conveyor system for the MultiVario transporters is situated beneath the racking systems.