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Geringhoff is one of the leading harvest equipment manufacturer established by Carl Geringhoff in 1880. Geringhoff’s commitment to innovation has helped the firm to create and deliver premium harvest experience for the agricultural industry. Geringhoff standards are defined by its reliability, performance, and industry leading quality. Top corn growers and farmers rely on Geringhoff’s high quality equipment. The company strives to address the growing demand by farmers for better equipment to match their operations.
Geringhoff with the help of its cutting edge products provides world class solutions for harvest.

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META CLIP Multi-tier system

Project details

Object: Parts Storage
META products installed: META CLIP Boltless Shelving System - Multi-tier system

The task

Replacement of Geringhoff’s existing storage system by a META CLIP 2-level shelving system has helped the firm to increase its storage capacity required to service the growing agricultural industry in the Mid-West United States. The META CLIP boltless shelving system with a footprint of around 3518 square feet offers storage space of over 32,450 square feet with/on around 3124 shelves. The system features both single sided and double sided shelving bays for easier access to products and more storage space. With varying dimensions, the extremely torsion-resistant structure ensures both safety and long useful life. The flooring consists of sturdy and robust B-Deck finished by ResinDek Panels specially designed for industrial grade mezzanine flooring. The state-of-the-art safety equipment includes railings, safety gates (pivot gates), and staircase manufactured by Cubic Designs. The pivot gates ensure safe handling of the materials providing further protection to the whole shelving system.

The great flexibility of our META products allows Geringhoff to increases its storage capacity to meet its current and future storage needs. This can be accomplished by adjusting the shelf height, adding additional shelf levels or removing excess levels. The height of these shelves can be adjusted in steps of 1”. The increased capacity and efficiency provides Geringhoff with the necessary flexibility to grow its successful US business.

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Customer Review

The entire experience with META has been very positive and efficient. It is a huge undertaking to completely redo an established parts department. We were able to get the job done in about 6 weeks. The META container came in on schedule along with FTL’s of decking. The installers were able to get everything up very quickly. The whole project came together and ran smoothly.

The META system is incredibility easy to work with. All shelves were installed uniform, but moving and adjusting a shelf is simple and easy. The mezzanine has increased our shelving capacity considerably. The mezzanine offers a loading area with a pivot safety gate on both sides. This makes for easy and safe loading/unloading from the mezzanine.

Geringhoff has expanded our product line beyond corn heads to now include small grain, soybeans, sunflower, and milo harvest headers. With increased product comes the need for increased product support. The parts department has grown to meet this expansion. Our new META system will help us with the new demands for storage and organization - Matt Murphy, Parts Manager