Delta Transportni Sistemi, Stara Pazova (Serbia)

Distribution centre for food

Optimal storage of food on pallets


When it comes to storing food, there are also special requirements for the storage location and the racking systems used - as is the case with the food distribution centre in Stara Pazova, Serbia. For the logistics company Delta Transportni Sistemi d.o.o. META's foreign company META Sisteme de Rafturi S.R.L was able to implement an impressive pallet racking system.




Project data

Customer: Delta Transportni Sistemi d.o.o., Stara Pazova (Serbia)
Installed META products: META MULTIPAL pallet racking systems
  Various accessories and safety equipment

Different temperature ranges

Spatially delimited storage areas were equipped with META MULTIPAL type pallet racking systems so that a wide variety of foods can be temporarily stored in the optimal temperature zones:

Processed foods: +2 / +4°C
Dairy products: +2 / +4°C
Fruit and vegetables: +6 / +8°C
Chocolate: +12°C
Frozen storage: -18 / -22°C
Other ambient temperature: +18°C



25,000 pallet storage locations

With a total of 30 shelf rows and a height of 11 m, around 25,000 pallet spaces have been created. The different compartment loads of 1,000 kg, 800 kg or 500 kg are adapted to the stored goods. Back stops, U-protectors in front of each aisle-side upright, single and double safety barriers for the front sides of the shelves, steel panels in 200 bays and wire mesh shelves for the aisles are used as additional equipment.